WHERE do these people come from?

How many more of these pumped up moron’s skulk among the corridors of those who watch over us? What mental deficient decided to sack that poor train station manager who diligently removed a discarded hand cart from the railway tracks; thereby preventing what could have amounted to an extremely dangerous accident?

By all the subsequent reports, it sounds to me that far from sacking the man, they could do with a few more like him. The chap was wedded to his job. His particular station was the reason he got out of bed in the morning (4.30am to be precise). He arose early so he could tidy up the station before the first travellers arrived. His pride and joy were the ‘best kept station’ diplomas on his office wall.

His customers loved him for his friendly eccentricities.

And some hard hearted, totally out of touch individuals, have actually managed to elevate themselves into positions that hold the power to sack him? It doesn’t even bear thinking about. Supposing he had left the hand cart on the rails and the subsequent accident resulted in maiming and death. Who would have been responsible? These ‘ealth a safety’ human apologies that’s who.

If that particular scenario did arise, I think they should be prosecuted for manslaughter at the very least. By the same token as those who drafted rules that caused members of the ‘wrong’ civil services to stand on the sidelines and watch a man drown. All of them should be brought to book and asked to explain their actions, preferably in public.

At least if they were made to enlighten us we could perhaps discover a bit of what makes them tick. They certainly baffle me.  Is it one person who makes these utterly inexplicable rulings, or are their lots of them, all sitting around a big table reaching the same conclusions? If it’s the latter it’s quite frightening. It means there are vast numbers of them out there. All I do hope is that by the time this piece comes out, some form of common sense has prevailed and this thoroughly decent and dedicated man has been not only re instated, but also received a few quid for his undoubted trauma.

I see the Dr Kelly debacle has once more reared up to make those responsible for his death uncomfortable in their footwear. I personally have never believed what I consider a most dangerous web of conspiracy that surrounds the death of this poor man. They have now revealed a helicopter landed at the death scene and then took off again. The fact was never reported. Wot? This lil ol’ ‘copter just popped down for a quick visit and nobody thought it worth mentioning? Give us a break. It is my opinion that one day they will find it virtually impossible to keep this particular evil act under their Persians. Far too many inconsistencies and contradictory ‘evidence’ for that. Ah well, just don’t hold yer breath!

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.                        



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