Not all cases are the same

ON a lonely back road a large man rushes from the bushes and grabs a young girl who has taken a short cut. He drags her into the woods, ties her up and, as he is raping her, savagely beats her up, breaking her nose and jaw and inflicting cuts with a knife that later require over a hundred stitches. He then half strangles the girl and, leaving her for dead, finally makes his escape.

A young couple have been out to dinner and after a few drinks in a local pub wind up in bed together. As they become more passionate, the girl suddenly decides against full sex and endeavours to prevent the young man having his way. The boy is by this time totally engulfed in lust and uses his superior strength to complete a full sex act. After which he is bitterly ashamed and sorry.

Do these people who have this week pilloried Kenneth Clarke for declaring there were different degrees of rape; really consider these two examples equally as serious as each other? Give me a break. I don’t agree with most of Kenneth Clark’s lenient attitude toward law breakers, I don’t even like the man himself, believing him to be an arrogant misguided oaf. I do, however, not only consider it disgraceful that he has been subjected to such an onslaught of hatred from the ‘do gooders,’  merely for exercising what was basically his right to free speech , but also entirely concur with his views. In fact I think anyone who doesn’t has something seriously wrong with them. And before all the DG’s out there start screaming, I do consider rape one of the worst crimes in the book, in any form, just don’t try and insult my intelligence that by stating all cases, whatever the circumstances, are exactly on a par. I await the expected slings and arrows with steel lined jock strap.

Was it not with a wonderful degree of satisfaction we received news that musician Pete Doherty had finally been banged up? This arrogant junkie has got away with enough criminal activity to have seen most ‘ordinary’ members of the public behind bars years ago. Well this time even his ultra expensive defence team couldn’t save him. I just hope we don’t read in a few weeks he has been released on some trumped up pretext or another. I believe he is a disgrace to his profession, a blot on the landscape and a terrible example to all our young people. Let’s hope he serves every minute of his jail term and before you start bleating about stones and glass houses, I served every last minute of mine. And I didn’t even commit the offence I was ultimately accused of.

Have a good week. Don’t let ‘em grind you down. Try to keep out of trouble. And whatever ya do. Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy.



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