Dogs helping out

Did you know that dogs are now being trained to help people who suffer from epileptic seizures?

The dog is trained to let the owner know 20 minutes before a fit will occur. He either barks or nudges the owner to warn them of impending danger. If the owner is driving their car then they have time to pull over, call home, call the ambulance and receive help.


Dogs are now being used in more places for more reasons than ever before. In prisons for prisoner rehabilitation, in hospitals as calming agents for children and adults, for people in wheelchairs, for incapacitated people who are restricted to their home, for the deaf who can’t hear their phone ring as well as the Police, Armed Forces, Drug and food detection and other services we see each day.

Dog reflexes are faster than ours. His sense of smell is thousands of times better than ours. His hearing is six or seven times better than ours.

He is an instant creature. He sees moving objects at lightning speed and at that instant he is totally absorbed in it and you don’t even exist.

By comparison, we humans are far too slow.

If we understand our dog better we will not blame him or make excuses for what we call shortcomings. If we do understand our dog better we will train him better and live happily with our dog for the rest of its life.

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