The whole exercise smells of conspiracy

AS far I’m concerned, if US President Obama pulls all these troops out of Afghanistan in the near future, he should be drummed out of office. The war is not won, there are not enough trained local forces to take over and peace most certainly does not prevail. This, to my mind highly suspect president, is merely endeavoring to attract the popular vote from his citizens in an effort to be re elected next year.

Basically he is prepared to make the sacrifices of all the servicemen and women who have been killed and maimed over the years a complete travesty. He will have betrayed them all in an obscene effort to remain in power. That’s my opinion anyway.

Furthermore, as I consider it extremely likely Bin Ladin was fingered by the Arab hierarchy what better reward for their ‘generosity’ than pulling thousands of American troops from the battlegrounds of Afghanistan. No I’m sorry, call me a paranoid old f..t if you will but to me the whole exercise smells of conspiracy. Of course, no one will believe such a scheme would be engineered by persons in such high places, but that is exactly the incredulous reaction these people rely on to allow them to get away with it.

When the prizes at stake are powers that emanate from attaining the position of a world leader, anything is possible. When these people are threatened ‘accidents,’ and indeed, blatant assassination are happening all the time. Some times even I’m surprised l haven’t experienced some ‘mishap’ or another, but then l would never kid my self I was that important – but I sure would like to be – six months should do it. Oh to be a real thorn in the side. Ah well, it’s still early days.

Sad news on the home front this week.  After a relatively short battle with a particularly aggressive  form of cancer, popular Mallorca singer and entertainer Tony Richie passed over on Monday. He will be sadly missed and I know I join a host of fans and family in passing on our sincere condolences to his wife Linda at this sad time. RIP Tony. I know if it’s at all possible you’ll still be gigging somewhere.

Thanks for all your mail and interest in the column. It never ceases to amaze me how many times I am approached on my travels. Sometimes to praise and others to chastise. Se la vie. The main thing is that were all talking. Far more civilized than killing each other I’m sure you’ll agree.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy
Photo credit: ISAF Regional Command-South

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