Snuffed out at 15 for a bet and a free breakfast

TRAGIC waste of two young lives this week. The horrific murder of British teenager Rebecca Aylward by her supposed ‘boyfriend’ not only took this young girl from her loved ones but also ruined this 16-year-old boy’s life forever.

The whole thing emanated from the twilight world so many of our young people are more and more regarding as the ‘norm.’ With their computers and game consoles they live in a sort of nether world where at the press of a button, all wrongs are immediately righted, people who have experienced the most horrific deaths are restored back to life without a blemish and they can literally get away with murder.

In the warped mind of this young animal I really don’t think he would have become totally aware of the reality of his situation until he awoke the next day in his prison cell completely bereft the luxury of a ‘get me out of trouble’ computer keyboard at his finger tips. I think the recent ruling passed by the authorities to allow all these ‘games’ to be sold unchecked to children of any age a positive disgrace.

Almost unbelievably the reason for their decision was that to not do so would in some (totally obscure) way, infringe their human rights! Give us a break. These fantasy adventures should not only be under the strictest control ever, but if they overstep the mark, be banned altogether.

They are damaging the minds of our young people often to the point of being beyond repair. They destroy morals, distort judgment and teach them to drive vehicles in a way that is leading to a constantly rising death toll of our young men and women. I recently paused to watch some youngsters gathered around a large screen in a hotel I was working in. It was horrendous.

The main, extremely lifelike character (hero?) who was being operated by a young lad of around nine or ten was some sort of muscle bound criminal on the run. As he rampaged through the streets he shot policemen, bystanders and any man woman or child in who got in his way. All to the screams and cheers of encouragement from the watching youngsters. He then hijacked a car which he proceeded to hurtle around like some demented manic. By now the children were in stitches of laughter. At one point he backed into a young child who went under the wheels spurting blood everywhere.

One of the children, tears of mirth streaming down his face, turned to his friend and hardly able to speak, chortled that the player had now killed ‘some girl’. None of those watching had any regard for human life whatsoever. ‘Only a game’ say the ‘uman rights brigade? Tell that to the parents of young Rebecca, snuffed out at 15 for a bet and a free breakfast.

Keep the Faith.

Love Leapy.

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