There’s no statesmanship these days

BRITISH Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg used part of his private visit to Spain to chin-wag with Partido Popular leader Mariano Rajoy.

I know you’re all curious as to the outcome of this meeting between statesmen. Relax; there were just a few meaningless platitudes exchanged that were so banal they insult the intelligence.

There’s no statesmanship these days; just town councillor level politicians, preening with self importance as they strut their stuff on the world stage. I wonder if we would notice a difference if politicians took a gap year?

– The 15-M movement is doing a great job challenging the political and banking establishment. Spain’s biggest selling newspaper El País unashamedly pro-government. The headlines often say it all; well not quite. The headline read: ‘The sign? It was all a bit silly really.’

They were quoting 19-year-old Alejandro España whose iconic photo symbolised the protest movement. The small print however tells a far different story; the lively lad, rather than ridiculing the movement is actually very supportive of the protest. He says he hopes people don’t tire of taking their protests on to the streets. It is not only the devil you find in the small print; you occasionally find saints in there too.

Don’t you just love bank hold-ups? A bank robber held up a branch of Unicaja in Malaga City; he wanted a withdrawal of just €120. He thoughtfully told the startled cashier the bar where he would await the arrival of the police.

When the cops arrived they took his firearm from him but not the money. This had already been used to settle the bank robber’s bar debt. It isn’t clear who the money now belongs to. I promise to find out; sorry to hold you up.


  • Valencia’s cops may soon be known as slobbies rather than Bobbies as it emerges that they are having difficulty emerging from their new Ford Fiesta saloon cars because of their being overweight.

The local police union wants action to be taken. Will such action mean diets and exercise? No, the spokesperson says it is the vehicles not the officers that are inappropriate.

They also claim the uniforms are poor for officers’ image. Their corpulence is not? Oh well!

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