It’s mind boggling tangled poppycock

THIS week I intended to pose the question of where or whom our countries actually have to approach to borrow the mind numbing amounts of money that are these days bandied about like so much confetti.

So as not to show up my dumb stupidity – thereby giving my ‘knockers’ the opportunity to drop on me from immeasurable heights – I decided to do a bit of research.

Talk about a boggle up. After about an hour of Googling, I was more confused than when I began.

The whole issue is almost unbelievably complicated. If you have any yen at all, go into htpp://pragcap/where-does-the-money-come-from. There you will find, of all things, a teddy bear and a doll discussing the whys and wherefores. If you’re any more enlightened at the end of it, then you’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.

Well I’ll sum up all the tangled poppycock. It’s like running out of money in a poker game. You then (if you’re mad) borrow money from the players you are losing to. As some of these players have unlimited funding (Mr. China, Mr. IMF and Mr. Saudi to name but a few) they will always, by the law of averages, ultimately come out on top. Add to this the fact they are charging you interest on your loans and they are soon playing the game with your money.

If these policies are not a recipe for disaster and the collapsing economies we see all around us then I don’t know what is. Heaven help us all. Delighted to see this week the majority of British public are in favour of bringing back the death penalty. It’s high time we once more instigated this ultimate deterrent.

The sooner the better if you ask me.

If it does come too pass lets hope we are spared the farcical American situation where appeals can go on for years. Legalized garbling and delaying tactics, instigated by lawyers of the Cheryl Blair ilk merely as a means to feather their already sumptuous nests. Let’s for once take a leaf out of the Saudi’s book. Guilty on Monday, dispatched in ‘chop square’ on Friday morning. Job done.

I guarantee the murder rate would plummet overnight.

I’ll take the opportunity to wish my two precious treasures many happy returns this week. As they turn eleven, I thank the Lord that my prayers to see them grow have all been answered so far. At the other end of the scale, I would also like to bestow on my dear friend Florrie a torrent of best wishes for this Friday, when she will reach 100 years of age. Proud to warble at your ‘do’ Florrie and a privilege to have known you this past 30 years.

Have a good week. Don’t get too burnt. And whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.

Love Leapy.

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