Broken Britain – rioters need to get the message

Living in a different country other than the UK, somewhere like Spain where there are no hand outs, where there is respect for Police, and a no tolerance policy to mob rule…  helps one see things from a different perspective.

The troubles in the UK are not down to “the youth” not being able to find a job. Other than drug dealing, burglary and so on. This is violence and looting because the country allows it to happen.

A system frightened of so-called human rights infringement, Police petrified of being in the same court as little Johnny (or whatever his modern day “street name” may be) after giving him a well deserved smack across the teeth with a batten.

I look forward to seeing some statistics on those miscreants who participated in last week’s riots and looting across British cities; how many are on benefits, how many have police records etc…

Britain is a country where handouts are plentiful and if, one is mindful about wanting to do something with one’s life, the mechanism is there to help. In my opinion the current situation happened because it CAN, due to a government, that over the years has given in to the do-gooders, creating a toothless legal system and hand tied Police force.

Here’s what should be done. Drastic situations required Draconian measures.  Contrary to popular belief, we still have plenty of Army personnel around, in need of some battle training. Spread a little disinformation, using the Blackberry, Twitter, Facebook or whatever other silly social networking system you want, and lure an unsuspecting mob to a convenient area where lootable bounty is plentiful.

Now, we work on the basis that in this society one should not run amuck and loot, burn, damage and so on.  As the inevitable begins to unfold, the Army should be allowed to bring the situation under control by whatever is required.  If this means firing at 20 yobs in PC world helping themselves to laptops, so be it.

The message would soon get around via the previously looted Blackberry. Savings on benefits, court costs and prison space would be made. In World War 2, if you were caught looting, your next activity would be swinging on the end of a short rope, with a neck ache.

By Seth Pittman
Seth Pittham works and lives in Zurgeña (Almeria) where he runs a vintage equipment design and servicing business, 

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