Grassing offspring to authorities is passing the buck

Well, in the event of witnessing your own son or daughter committing a looting or public disorder offence, would you shop your own child to the police?

My own personal answer to that is a loud and emphatic no. Not only do I have a strong personal aversion to the act of ‘grassing,’ but to me the decision to place an offspring into the hands of others for punishment, is a complete and total capitulation of parental discipline and responsibility – which is in fact the whole problem in most of the cases involving these young feral animals.

These hooded non entities have, in the main, been spawned by even worse adults merely to increase the amount of benefits they can claim.

These wasters have no interest in their children; they are merely a means to an end. In return their offspring have, quite naturally, no respect for, or obedience toward their parents either.

Grassing them up to the authorities is the easiest and quickest way for these so called parents to pass the buck on to someone else, which in the nanny state, welfare hand out world they live in, to them the most obvious thing to do.

No Im sorry, if  (heaven forbid) I caught any of my offspring committing these offences, they would be dealt with in the home, where they should be.

Not placed in the hands of cold authorities and police who these children have been reared to consider their natural enemies anyway.

To those who are convicted I would take a leaf out of the American sheriff Joe Arpaio’s book. I would set up boot camps miles from anywhere.  There would be no TV or games of any description. I would shave their heads and get them up every morning at 5.30. They would then be sent out on chain gangs where I would work them for hours.

Any dissent would be met with the sternest of punishment, including diets of bread and water.

No social society do gooders or ‘uman rights pocket lining solicitors would be allowed any anywhere near them. Correct behavior would be rewarded, however it would not go as far as allowing them ridiculous concessions such as video games and computers. More like extra fruit or slightly less working hours.

Too stiff? Give me a break. Using these tactics Sheriff Joe has cut his local crime rate by two thirds. It’s all these young thugs understand.

Make them petrified of the consequences and the problems of the British gang culture would all but disappear virtually overnight.

Don’t hold yer breath.

Have a good week. Try and do someone a good turn, and whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.
Love Leapy.

Photo credit: Michael Jones

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