England still under psychological attack

Over the years I have visited a number ‘regime oppressed’ countries – i.e. South Africa, under apartheid, Saudi Arabia under the rule of ‘class’, Rhodesia under ‘white supremacy’ etc.

As you entered these countries you were immediately beset by a feeling never experienced in the free democratic countries of the planet. To describe the phenomenon is difficult. It seems to comprise of a number of components.

Part apprehension, part uncertainty, part sadness and fear, it settles around your shoulders like a restricting shroud.

It governs what you say, what you do and even where you look. What a relief it always was to return to the shores of England. With its Hyde Park corner orators, democratic views on free speech and the knowledge that you could stand up and as long as it didn’t cross the line of decency or public order- say or deliver your views on just about any thing your old heart desired, it was true freedom and a joy to come home to.

Well I can state quite categorically that despite our ‘wonderful’ coalition even today England is still under psychological attack.

The sense of freedom we knew and loved is still well and truly missing. Certain subjects are most definitely taboo. If you stray into these realms, voices are suddenly reduced to whispers, furtive glances are cast around, and a general feeling of discomfort prevails until the subject is led into less controversial areas.

Taxi drivers were always great outlets for a multitude of news and views; indeed it was often difficult to shut them up. Not any more. How can you enter into a discussion with your driver/ passenger, when he/ she could be ‘the enemy’ themselves?

If the British people and C.C. double act don’t finally get a grip, they can stick there heads between their legs and kiss their country goodbye. I personally think it’s too late already.

For God’s sake let some common sense prevail. Get the priorities right. Deport those who oppose the British system. Cut off all benefits of those who don’t wish to comply with the British way of life. Introduce strict rules for those who wish to enter and live in the country i.e. a compulsory knowledge of the language, customs and religious culture. Come down hard on any racist act or oration from ethnic minorities.

In short get your actions together before the country sinks into a morass of violent extremism, simply because we didn’t want to hurt someone’s feelings!

Have no delusions, I believe the whole debacle is part of an organised conspiracy and if not firmly, albeit fairly attended to, will, without doubt, one day see the demise of this still great country.

Do me a favour, let the old Leaper come home and have a productive chat without worrying about getting nicked for it, not much to ask…is it?

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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