September 11, 2001 The day the world lost its “innocence”!

The date has formed an indelible crease in cyber man’s universal collective conscious. Unfortunately, even if you wanted to forget or purposefully tried not to remember, the incident is carved into bleeding stone Towers and therefore resilient to being erased.

“Unbelievable” my mind screamed at me, while my eyes blinked an infrequent but constant twinge. How can this be? This couldn’t be happening. But it was all too real and unforgettable.

Bodies leaping from the 50th or 60th floor to their certain death. The clouds of billowing smoke rolling like an evil avalanche and time and time again the planes constantly repeating their deed—flying into the towers.

Scenes that will never be forgotten combust themselves spontaneously time and time again  replaying the gruesome images each time the event is remembered or brought up in any conversation. A situation that cannot be thought of in the quiet of passing time but ignites an  instant and violent emotion.

You can easily recall where you were, who you were with and how perplexing it all seemed—when you heard the news. Few world news events have survived to live in infamy in the respective minds of those that witnessed the event.

Japan’s attack on Pearly Harbor, the place you were when told of President Kennedy’s assassination and Tuesday, September 11, 2001.

At the heart of those sad remembrances creep the vague but all too real sentiment of being– unreasonable. Beyond belief. Not quite understandable no matter how objective one views the events.

Now, years later, the unfortunate poignant reality of the circumstance is still remembered for its–  unreasonableness. The absurd, irrational, nonsensical killing and for what?

That day, the forward progress of the world stopped forever, it has only gotten worse since. Trust would never be the same.  Nor would the gentle feeling of living in the best of all worlds, protected by an observant and shielding God nor a righteous and well prepared government.

Our collective world innocence got stolen and lost forever. The comfortable pillow of momentary rest or the short daydream revelry was jerked away so viciously that one is brought to an absolute awakening with adrenalin pulsating, the pupils dilated and blood coursing through the veins when the event is remembered.

Shocked and awakened– fingers needed to be pointed, propositions and resolutions shouted and action taken. Blame stamped on the foreheads of the perpetrators and an even larger “R” embossed in gilded phosphorus, burning and glowing for all to see. Revenge rules!

The Western world became awake to the fact that while they slumbered each night Mid Eastern schools in a different time zones were educating their youth concerning the obvious decadence of the West. The infidel was to be eradicated, sooner or later; after all, they were but nations’ of unbelievers.

Looking back and examining the situation the event could never have occurred without the absolute support THEN of major governments and a colossal funding operation that apparently still continues.

Someone isn’t telling the truth. Diplomacy, compromise and conviviality seem too have disappeared or at least live in a state of duplicity. The smiling masks have been drawn tight and the easy words of diplomacy roll off the tongues promising, assuring and still smiling. Today’s reality sandwiches that we are forced to eat remain tasteless yet bitter.

Worse yet is the constant and eternal vigilance that must be forever maintained. In short, the good, snug and former easy life— has been lost forever. Innocence gone, jerked away, stolen. There will no longer be a tooth fairy.

Photo credit: Dan Howell /
By Ric Polansky © 

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