The old country has finally lost it

IN a week where a British judge declared that squatters were often an asset by ‘putting empty properties back into use’, plus the CC brigade, kowtowing to a decree from Brussels, ruling that foreign nurses in the NHS no longer needed to learn English; I think the old country has finally lost it.

The whole rip roaring gambit of madness didn’t end there either. In Norfolk two pensioners collecting cockles on the beach were apprehended by police officers and informed they were breaking the law. What law you may ask? Good question.

Well I’ll tell you. They had broken an ancient statute that declared you could not collect cockles any closer to the sea, than ‘a man can throw a spear from a horse!’ You really couldn’t make it up. No wonder the country is in such a state.

There’s more. The PC Olympic recommendations were also laid out in all their pathetic glory. The first was a humdinger. I quote. ‘If you see a man wearing a dress and he asks directions to the toilets, do not make assumptions to his gender unless directed by their name. (If he’s sporting a beard and called Fred, presumably it’s a geezer).

Simply provide instructions to both male and female toilets!’ It goes on. On speaking to a young member of the workforce, address everyone in the same way, avoiding the use of ‘young man’ or ‘dear’. You must no longer refer to people as ‘able bodied’ or ‘fit’, refer to them as a ‘non- disabled persons’. ‘Carers’ or ‘helpers’ are now to be called ‘personal assistants’ or ‘support workers.’ ‘Wheelchair bound’ are now ‘wheelchair users’ and deaf and dumb re categorized as ‘deaf without speech’

It is almost inconceivable to me that people actually sit around in their respective workplaces seriously discussing this drivel, and all of course at the taxpayer’s expense.

Wouldn’t you just love to see them put up before a TV audience of sane tax paying citizens and grilled as to how they reach these ludicrous directives? In this instance the guides were provided by the L.O.C.O.G. games organizing committee who advise the Olympic volunteers.

This bunch of numbskulls (who refuses to divulge how much it all cost), also give condescending warnings of the need to sleep well before going on duty. Wearing socks that fit. Donning sunglasses when it is bright and making sure their shoes fit! Don’t you just despair of it all?

Delighted to announce that Friday 23 I shall be participating in an evening with my old mate Jess Conrad at Mallorca’s Santa Ponsa Country club. Jess will be celebrating the receipt of his OBE from the Queen, in what promises to be a great night.

If you’re in the vicinity get in touch. If not, have a great week, try and do someone a good turn and whatever ya do.

Always keep the faith.
Love Leapy.

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