WITH more and more leading figures now emerging to warn against the ‘Islamination’ of various societies and countries and the desperate straits the Euro now finds it in, the old Leaper is slowly finding himself a bit restricted in subject matter.

Having warned against both of these problems (and being extremely vilified for my opinions) over many years, I would be lying if I didn’t report a certain ‘I told you so’ satisfaction.

It does however mean digging a little deeper into the ol boy’s morass of grey matter to deliver the weekly blurb. But then we don’t have to probe too far down do we?

I mean does anyone really care whether the individual Moat was lasered 4 times, 20 times, or sliced in half by a Kalashnikov?

This was an animal. A person, who had publicly confessed to killing one man, attempted to murder a female and inflicted the most horrific damage to a police officer.

IN my opinion this was a feral beast who vowed to kill as many police as possible and never  be taken alive, was it really worth spending all that time,  money and effort to work out whether the ‘right procedures’ had been followed? Somehow I think not.

In a further, recent scenario, does anyone but the tiny minority of ‘infant’ souls think that one shouldn’t be able to adopt any means possible to apprehend, or defend yourself against an intruder discovered in your home at the dead of night?

Give me a break. (Frankly, I thought the pictures of this man’s family, leaving wreaths outside the home he was burglarizing when he met his demise, almost beyond belief!) No m’dears, we don’t have to dig too deep to come up with idiotic directives from the tiny minds of the PC and ‘uman rights brigade. Plenty of subject matter still to draw on.

And of course the politicians never let us down. This week’s LibDem. conference was no exception. I’ve always thought them a bunch of comedians.

This week proved the point. Their pathetic, ultimately embarrassing attempts to deliver stand up comedy was just about as low as it gets. One gem that enquired of the audience, ‘was it Mandy or McBride advising Brown and Blair’?

And the subsequent retort. ‘Neither, it turns out it was all Balls.’ Just about took the whole tin. No, very little shortage of ‘fodder’ at the moment. A long way to go yet I feel.

Just as a footnote to those who accused me of plagiarizing Senor Littlejohn with last weeks Olympic committee observations. My copy was in on Monday. Littlejohn’s piece was published on Tuesday. I rest my case.

Have a good week. Don’t let em grind ya down, and whatever ya do, always.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy

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