Mango nirvana

LADY ELLEN (Turner) recently celebrated her birthday and what started out as drinks and nibbles at Bar el Pinar turned into a full blown weekday afternoon party.

Tony Justice went home to collect his PA system and Ellens musically minded friends were soon entertaining Ellen and us guests to an impromptu concert.

Clive Sarstedt played a couple of numbers and Tony with renowned local guitarist Dennis showcased their new project ‘Rough Justice;’ playing rock and blues numbers.

Ellens husband Colin had forgotten his infamous triangle so we were denied that hilarious pleasure. In this part of Almeria bars and restaurants put on regular gigs with free entry and with so many talented performers in the area why not pop along and enjoy some great sounds whilst having a drink or two.

JUST off the A334 on the Partaloa side of Albox on the opposite side to the ITV station are three petrol stations selling the cheapest fuel in the area. I fill up here often as sometimes it’s up to 10c cheaper a litre. Sounding suspiciously like my dear dad I worked out that I save nearly five Euros a tank compared to using the BP five minutes away in Albox.

FOR the last two months I have grumpily resembled Victor Meldrew due to ‘Telefonica’ repeatedly promising and failing to connect me to the phone/broadband network that others already have in the village. I have been running Findmeahome by using Wi-Fi wherever I can. It’s costing a fortune as I always buy drinks and snacks to thank the bar for having Wi-Fi.

Having a dodgy battery on my laptop means I sometimes plug it into the mains supply with most bars saying go ahead and do it with no fuss. Other places I avoid as they charge a sum for using the electric which in my opinion is bad business.

A FLICK through my old school physics books (well the interweb) found the equation watts = volts x amps; so laptops consume 60-70w an hour. Sevillana currently charge 14c for 1000W/hour so a laptop uses less than one cent an hour. At one place after a few expensive bills I questioned a bill to be told they had been charging me 50c an hour for plugging in.

Daylight robbery as I was only there for the Wi-Fi and always bought lunch and drinks there. Even allowing for the monthly subscription offering Wi-Fi is a cheap way to attract new custom in these challenging times. Please though laptop users don’t take the Mickey and nurse a solitary coffee for a hour or more.

DOES anyone know where a famous Arboleas landmark has vanished to? The green and orange Olé supermarket truck that had stood proudly in Bar Trinidads’ car park since at least 2005 has gone!?! I announce a storm warning as my mum has booked 18-25th October to visit so batten down the hatches as the poor girl always brings the rain with her. And finally a call to all mango lovers – the brief Spanish National Gold mango season is in full swing and are available at Mercadona – yummy times!

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