All talk and no action

I THINK David Cameron is a pussy. Well he is isn’t he?

The UK’s prime minister is akin to a porn stud with erectile problems. All talk and no action, or as my ol’ Dad would say ‘all mouth and trousers’.

Despite his often forceful and ‘sincere’ rhetoric, both pre and post tenure, when he pledged faithfully to rid us all of the troublesome tossers and wasters of space that had infiltrated the British corridors of power, nothing has really changed.

The UK still kowtows to the Eurocrats of Brussels. The PC brigade is still trumpeting their nonsensical rubbish. The ’uman rights mob continue to churn out a succession of sick and often downright dangerous decisions. Immigrants are still swamping the country, draining its resources. Hoodies still terrorise local communities.

Policing remains woefully inadequate. Schools are still struggling to preserve Christianity and retain the English language. And the Brits continue to endeavor appeasing just about every one except their own citizens.

Sickening ennit?

I know he’s still a bit restricted by the numb- nuts in the corridors of the loonie Clegg ‘carpet bagger’ brigade but give us a break, the ‘Moonie’ middle seem to be influencing their own policies on just about everything. 

Cameron is supposed to be the boss after all. Frankly if the ‘Clegger’s’ don’t like his decisions, what are they going to do? Insist on a general election? Give us a break.

If they called the country to vote at this stage they’d be lucky to still retain a party at all. The lost deposits alone would probably skint ‘em out.

When oh when is the auld country going to come up with a leader who retains the ‘cojones’ to forge ahead with all his election promises? Someone who can elbow all these, out of touch dissenters aside and begin to show us some real hope for a bit of sanity in the future. I want to teach my children to be proud of their British heritage.

I want them to be able to visit and perhaps even seek opportunities in the country of their Dad’s birth. The way it’s going, in another 10 years it will be totally unrecognizable as the once proud, no nonsense nation of its glory days – even its history is slowly but surely fading into a haze of changes and lies by omission from the books of its past triumphs.

For heaven’s sake get a grip Dave before discovering that at the next election you have to go into another coalition, this time with the BNP who in my opinion at this present time seem to be the only party spouting a bit of common sense. And if that last statement doesn’t put a few poisonous pens to paper the ol’ boy certainly doesn’t know what will.

I await the slings and arrows.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.

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