A sad reflection on today’s UK society

I AM heartily sick and tired of large companies which, in deciding to drop the Christmas theme from their cards and ranges of festive fare, cite the fact that they are doing so because ‘it may offend other faiths’.

I don’t ever recall the mention of Christmas offending the large British Jewish community or the Buddhists or the Sikhs or the Hari Krishna brigade, or indeed any of the other faiths which abound in the UK.

No, what they mean is it could offend the followers of Islam

. In the light of this I can only assume the reasons to be as follows: Either their all lily livered cowards, who are petrified of some violent retribution.

Are infiltrated by insurgents determined to undermine Christianity at all cost, or there are now so many Muslims in the UK it is more lucrative to bend to their demands than to those who follow the religion the British nation was founded on.

Whatever the reason I am truly saddened to see the British people bending to the demands of those who would see our beautiful free nation under the jackboot of fanatics, who, among other unacceptable practices are encouraged to actually kill anyone who declines their faith.

I also have a question for the MD of Scribblers, the company that produced a whole series of filth and obscenity filled Christmas cards across the UK this year.

When asked about his motives this nasty individual replied that it was only a’ schoolboy sense of humor’. Well all I can say is that if ‘Father Christmas smoking a cigarette and saying ‘You aint getting S….t’ is an example of today’s schoolboy humor then we may as well pack it all in and turn out the lights.

His other remark that they were the companies ‘best sellers’ is also I’m afraid a sad reflection on today’s UK society. It did cross my mind however if the same themes were included in cards directed at the Muslim religion how long it would have taken for the British flag to be burning during anti British riots across the world or, and more significantly how long this individual’s company buildings would actually have remained standing.

Mmm! sometimes I wonder if the sheer tolerance and ‘turning of the other cheek’ taught by Christianity is no longer its strength but emerging its greatest weakness.

Interestingly, when I first lived in Saudi Arabia I retained a sneaking admiration for Islam and its teaching . I was impressed by it devout followers discipline, their moral outlook and total lack of criminal leanings.

Could any Muslim readers of this column (yes, I know there are a few!) just endeavor to explain what has gone wrong with my original assessment?

In my view the message of the present day seems to be filled with hatred, violence, and intolerance.

Did I really get the wrong impression in those days or have you allowed the fanatics and murderous elements of your faith to engulf the core of all that was decent and peacefully and indeed loving?

I’m all ears.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy

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