Scots wake up! This is the 21st century

I HAVE always considered myself quite fortunate in retaining a sizable number of friends hailing from the Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland’s northern climes.

Whether I’ll have any at the end of this piece is another matter entirely!

What I would really like to ask is what the hell is going increasingly wrong with so many of you?

Why is it a sizable chunk of Scots, are at this time embodying their national emblem by becoming increasingly pricklier by the day. What’s all this ‘independence’ and axing yourselves from the union all about?

Have you all gone mad? Have you not heard of dividing being the unerringly quickest route to conquering?

The British nation is a strong united Island of proud people, Welsh, Scottish and English. (I’m not forgetting N Ireland which I consider a different issue entirely).

Three proud tribes who have, as one unit, survived world wars and a host of global disasters.

For heaven’s sake get a grip. You are not losing your heritage. No one is asking you to consider yourselves anything but Scottish.

No one is trying to nick your oil.

The subsidies that England ploughs in more than make up for any oily revenues we may receive from the watery outreaches of Aberdeen.

You already have devolution and all the advantages that accompany this privileged position. You are not even being asked to fly the union Jack.

So what really is the problem? As an answer to this question I think a far better way to get to the heart of it is the suggestion of a referendum coinciding with the 700th anniversary of the battle of Bannockburn.

This is almost precisely where the infantile thinking of the independence brigade belongs. Quite simply they have never forgiven us for any of our ancient battles.

These people are living in the stone ages, when primitive human beings waged violence on each other to assert their authority. Wake up all of you. This is the 21st century.

All this petty bickering and often deep rooted dislike has no place in the running of a modern day society.

At this time of world fragility, when other countries are falling apart, we need to present a strong united front. An example to the world that nations can work and prosper together as one.

As a final example of this so called ‘divide’, I can quite categorically state that the current situation is not the fault of the Brits. Most of us are actually quite proud of our united countries.

If England is playing a major football event many Scots will cheer the opposing team.

If Scotland is playing a foreign nation the majority of Brits will cheer on the Scottish team.

I rest my case and eagerly await the awesome splendor of the customary ‘raising of the kilts!’

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy

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