Airline acted in a totally correct and responsible way

FULL marks to the passenger airline company, who last week suspended a Muslim pilot they considered a security risk.

Apparently the police discovered this employee, who lives in South-East England and was based at Heathrow, retained close links with two men, one a business partner of the pilot’s brother, who they suspected of being extremists and had first raised their suspicions when they paid for flying lessons and a light aircraft in cash!

Although a whole list of extremely dubious circumstances and documents relating to his association with these men were found,( including a 10,000 pounds cheque to one of them, which the pilot insisted was merely a payment for ‘rent’) he denied all the allegations and sued for religious discrimination (Well he would wouldn’t he!).

Surprise surprise the ‘uman rights brigade have rubbed their hands and come down into this man’s court with barely disguised glee. ‘Guilt by association’ they scream.’ ‘Not fair’.

‘If he had been anything but a Muslim of Asian descent it wouldn’t have happened’. Well perhaps not.

But we live in precarious times. We are involved in a war with Islamic extremists who want to blow all us ‘infidels’ to kingdom come, most of whom hail from Mid-East origins.

All of the suicide attacks in this war have been performed by these ethnic extremists, generally between the ages of 18 and 30.

Not much point in throwing our suspicions or wasting precious time and resources on white westerners or grannies and grandpas, simply to appease the PC and ‘Uman right brigade, is there?

What would these people be saying I wonder, were these events to pass uninvestigated or ‘uman rights’ allowed to prevail?

More importantly, what would the public reaction be, when the death toll of yet another atrocity hit the headlines? ‘Why were all these obvious signs ignored’ they would ask.’

How could this have happened’ would scream another.’ Where were the prevention forces, the police’ etc. etc. No, to my mind this airline acted in a totally correct and responsible way. In the depths of this day and age we have to be ever vigilant.

An unfortunate aspect of war is the fact, that along the way there are bound to be innocent victims and certain injustices. Rather have these errors confined to a few of the ‘innocents’ than allowing the PC and uman rights to cloud our judgment and cause the deaths of thousands.

All power to this airline. Setting a sterling example to those who would give our freedom away, rather than upset a few of those we simply have no choice but to view with utmost suspicion and extreme caution if we are to survive this highly dangerous threat to all we love and cherish.

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy

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