We are a strange looking manifestation

I BELIEVE in just about everything. I truly do. I believe in UFO’s, ghosts, alien beings, telepathy. ESP and time travel.

In fact I believe In anything that can actually be imagined.

My reason for this unlimited spectrum of self-assurance is because I also believe that the Great Spirit, of which we are all a part, created us, not in its own image, but in our own imagination.

We and everything else are only what we perceive it/us to be.

For example. We consider ourselves as a perfectly ordinary species.

Some of us we see as ugly, some handsome, some well-proportioned some not – so on and so forth, but all of relatively normal appearance.

In actual fact we are a strange looking manifestation.

When in future times we land on distant planets and are perceived by other species that have evolved in an entirely different way, they will find themselves confronted by quite odd looking individuals.

A small round ball which at the front can change expressions and contain holes with which to breathe, observe and make sounds.

This is set atop a scrawny, short supple tower, which joins it to a body sporting two extended tentacles, from which protrude ten smaller to grip objects. At the bottom end of this torso hang two more dangling appendages which spread out at the bottom to allow it to balance and move over the terra of its own accord.

Miraculous as this may appear, it is only in our own imagination we find this human form attractive. Everything we observe is only what we imagine it to be.

Not only that, but break the whole lot down to its smallest entity and all you finish up with is energy. This is what everything manifested actually are- different constructions of pure energy.

Don’t get me wrong. By all this rhetoric I don’t mean we are not important. Nothing is more important or as miraculous as the human temple. It is a remarkable container for the ethereal spirit to manifest in and to learn and developed before it returns to its spiritual entity.

The long and awesome journey until the created one day once again becomes part of the creator itself. I also am not impressed by people who point out how very small we are when compared to universes and galaxies.

However tiny we may be physically, the very fact that we are aware of all that lies ‘out there’ makes us truly an integral part of it all and proves our ethereal spirit is exactly the same size as any of it.

I don’t know quite what brought all this on.

Probably because I am about to spend a week with some wonderful like-minded friends.

All living an enviable ‘peace and love’ existence in Portugal. I may never be seen again.

Keep the Faith.
Love Leapy

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