All power to you girls

 IT is my opinion, that in all their rhetoric and calls for Jihad, those Islamic extremists who would have the Western World under the boot of Sharia law, have made one enormous and ultimately fatal error in their calculations.

A mistake that will, to my mind, bring their whole operation tumbling around their ears.

They have underestimated the Western female.

In their lopsided unequal societies, these men have become so used to their woman taking the role of second class citizens, they have simply left them out of the equation.

Wrong! Our women have fought from suffragette, through miniskirts and the pill, and still they fight tooth and nail for inequalities they feel are not acceptable.

Do these extremists honestly think our girls will meekly don a black sack, peer out through a slit, accept a few other wives into their homes and walk ten paces behind their men?

YouTube are featuring more and more women not afraid (as most of our politicians seem to be) of airing their views for all the world to hear.

In my opinion it will be the women who bring the final victory for reason and common sense over these zealots. It is the women who have the most to lose.

The pink Kalashnikov depicted on Ann Barnhart’s YouTube clip is not a joke.

If I were an Islamic extremist I would be extremely wary of our Amazonian ladies.

Can you imagine a whole army, hundreds of thousands strong, with pink Kalashnikovs and a large percentage suffering PMT? No my aspiring Jihad exponents, I would be afraid if I were you – very afraid.

All power to you girls. I do know from living some years in an Islamist country that the men are already a bit frightened of you.

This is why they endeavor to keep their women as subservient as possible.

Let em know loud and clear they aint seen nothing yet.

Girl power is an awesome force to be reckoned with and I for one wouldn’t like to be on the receiving end should push come to shove.

With all this hysteria building up around the Olympics, I suggest you brace yourselves for a number of disappointments – particularly among the track events.

I am a keen follower of athletics and can quite categorically state, that I have seen nothing special in the major sporting events of the last couple of years.

Most of these have only been among European or Commonwealth competition anyway.

When the rest of the world joins in, I think a large number of our runners and jumpers will be eaten alive.

Just an opinion, of course.

Love Leapy.

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