Fiddling while Britain burns

I don’t think I care anymore. Seriously. After 35 years of being a patriotic expat. I truly have come to terms with the fact that the country I knew, loved and was extremely proud of, has finally lost the plot.

What with the ludicrous ‘ealth and safety issues now surrounding the Olympics.

Proposals to make pornography on the web difficult to access by children, denied, because it breaches some civil liberty or another.

A pledge from an individual to give ten billion pounds of tax payers’ money to bail out someone else’s currency and this latest farcical scene in the Abu Qatada saga, my love affair with the auld country is finally seeking a decree nisi.

The ‘nail’ was I think this latest fiasco.

If the boss of the whole legal administration department is unable to give a final directive, where the hell does the buck stop?

Let’s just hold it there for a moment and try and talk a little sense.

If we stuck this unsavoury individual on a plane, flew him back to wherever he came from and left him there, what is anyone going to do about it? Introduce sanctions? Attack our embassies? Declare war?

Give us a break. It doesn’t happen anywhere else I can tell you.

When I was arrested in Saudi for expired papers, I was bunged in a nick with a couple of hundred others for three or four days and then stuck on a plane home; as were presumably all the rest of ‘em.

We didn’t see any ambulance chasing lawyers or ‘civil rights’ merchants. We had no right to be there so we were slung out. Simple as that.

The colonel of the military installation gave that particular order. I know that for a fact, because he was a customer of my illegal video library and told me he was sorry but it was the law of the land.

(The fact that I was back ten days later; in time for him to change his hired videos had nothing to do with it!!) When there was an attempt to take over the Khaba by hundreds of religious fanatics, the hundred or so who survived the week long battle were, on the Monday, all displayed on TV.

Hereafter they were shipped to different capitals of the Kingdom and had their heads chopped off the following Friday.

Job done. I didn’t hear any outcry from PC’s or civil rights or indeed any other protests.

They were obviously guilty and received their just deserts. I’m not suggesting we go quite as strong as that but Britain really has to get its act together.

We are already the laughing stock of the World. Fiddling while the whole place burns to oblivion comes strongly to mind. Sad ennit?

Keep the Faith.
Love, Leapy.

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