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UNCHARITABLE: Some gigs don’t even provide a drink of water.

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Nutty notion

I HAVE been a fan for many years and used to watch Leapy perform in England and in Mallorca. Following his comments on spirituality (Issue 1421) I find him to be as daft as all the other nuts who cannot grasp that we are just a biological accident. Will not be reading Leapy’s column again, but will still enjoy his shows.

Arthur, Pollença

Faith issue

 AM a Christian pastor. If the Bible is true and Jesus is who he says he is, then Leapy is in for a big disappointment. You could say the same about me, but if we are both wrong neither of us has anything to lose apart from a false belief system and wasted years living a lie.
If I am right then I have already received eternal salvation.

Pastor Dave Hamilton,
 by email

WOW, talk about a mixed bag! This week’s mail has accused me of being everything from Nutter of the Year to a spirit-lifting messiah.

Some have even informed me they’re never going to read me again. Well, I truly am sorry if my beliefs have upset a few people; c’est la vie.

One thing it does show, however, is that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I’m sure whatever your personal observations you have to agree with that particular aspect. So if you believe we are biological accidents, offsprings of spacemen, or figments of our own imagination, it’s all a part of the wonderful miracle we call life.

Let’s all just enjoy it while we can. Also as a matter of interest, when I remind everyone to ‘Keep the Faith’ I’m not referring to Spiritualism, which would be ridiculous. It simply means to keep the faith in yourself and the hope that out of all the chaos some form of common sense will finally prevail.

Right, I’m now about to become really unpopular. Without doubt performers on Mallorca and indeed throughout Spain are some of the most generous people around when it comes to charity events.

With just a few phone calls most organisers can fill a whole bill with free entertainment. The problem is how a growing number of these organisers treat these acts. Many seem to think that as long as the artists show up and do their bit that’s the end of it. Well, it’s not.

These acts are performing a job of work for free. If you invited a mechanic around to your house and he agreed to fix your car for nothing, would you even dream of not offering him at least a cup of tea, or some light refreshment? Of course not.

Entertainers are no different. They are professionals giving their services completely pro bono. It is a disgrace that often events offer no refreshment to these artists whatsoever. I have done jobs (yes, it is a job) in sometimes crippling heat and not even been offered a glass of water.

I think it is disgusting when acts have to sometimes jostle at crowded bars and stalls to obtain even a sandwich, and then have to pay for it. So, come on, you organisers, give these acts a bit of respect.

They don’t want a three-course meal, just a little light repast with minimum aggravation. Not asking for much, is it?

I feel so strongly about the subject that for any future charity request I will be enquiring what facilities are being offered to the acts. If I get a negative response I’m afraid the ol’ Leaper will be putting his precious time to more personal use.

Charity will indeed begin – and end – at home.

Keep the Faith
Love Leapy [email protected]   


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    • Rick UK

      12 October 2012 • 10:29

      This message is to the organisers of charity events…….. Professional acts who work for free to help charities should at least be provided with a meal and refreshments in a local restaurant to show appreciation.


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