The insanity of politics

THIN BLUE LINE? Police spot Andrew Mitchell on his bike

WELL, this week I think we finally saw political correctness enter the realms of insanity.
For a high ranking member of a ruling party to be virtually forced to resign because he ‘hurt someone’s feelings’ has to be complete madness. Granted, Andrew Mitchell appears to be an egotistical, thoroughly obnoxious prat, who completely deserved to be hauled over the coals for his crass comments.
But resign from his post? Give us a break.
And whose feelings has he hurt? A big butch elite member of the capital’s finest. These police officers are supposed to be trained to have skins like rhinos and epitomise the old saying that sticks and stones may hurt the bones, but names will never even get close.
You only have to watch any of the police reality shows to observe the abuse officers of the law are subjected to on an almost daily basis. Some of the insults from drunken yobs and occasionally even respectable members of the public, make Mitchell’s comments sound like an invitation to dinner.
So, this unpleasant individual called a law officer a pleb. Oh dear. How hurt the man must have been. I wonder if his wife had to comfort him as he sobbed himself to sleep at night. Did he hit the bottle? Perhaps turn to the valium? Of course he didn’t.
This whole thing has been a regurgitation of the class war. An upstairs downstairs conflict, goaded on by the worst bunch of hypocrites of them all. The Labour party. (Remember Gordon Browns ‘bigot’ episode?).
Milliband’s marauders dropped on this incident with barely disguised glee. They revelled in it. What a chance to show the common man how ‘ordinary’ they are and how their members will fight for the rights of the ‘people’.
Be assured. There were no morals involved here; this was a political advantage opportunity and they grabbed it with all the hypocritical ‘manos’ they could muster – and won.
Because of them a talented member of the opposition party has lost his position, the ‘upper crusties’, including David Cameron, have been weakened and many brownie points have been added to the lefties’ score cards.
To the supreme egotist, there is no bigger punishment than admitting they are in the wrong. To the unpleasant Mr Mitchell, his apology must have been akin to prostrating himself in Selfridge’s window clad in sackcloth and ashes.
And that should have been enough. But it wasn’t was it? I bet the gloating and back-slapping of the opposition continued far into the night. Cameron should have shown a bit of leadership strength by severely reprimanding Mr Mitchell, turning down his resignation and telling the gripers of the left to take a running jump. What they gonna do, impeach him?
Thanks for all your mail. Keep ‘em coming. Keep above ground. And always.
Keep the faith.
Love Leapy [email protected]

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    • Colin Brown

      26 October 2012 • 21:11

      Hi Lee
      Don’t think many people (including me) knew what Pleb meant & I doubt Copper did either.
      Think Julius Caesar was last one to use Word when he was Done By Brutus.
      As You say Lee whole Government 3 Party’s it is Down to Scoring Brownie Points instead of Sorting out the Mess They & Bankers got us in
      Cheers Colin (UK)

    • Roy Leon

      28 October 2012 • 07:47

      Hiya Leapy,
      Couldn’t agree more, there are a lot worse things to be called than a pleb. (Isn’t that just Latin for an ordinary person, i.e. not a celebrity?)

      I’m also troubled by all the fuss about racial abuse on the football Pitch. Personally I don’t think there is room for racialism anywhere in the world,
      but it exists and there are people of all colours that suffer terrible abuse because they don’t fit.
      The difference for me is that the vast majority don’t take home a weekly pay packet counted in tens of thousands.
      For that kind of money they can call me whatever they like. I’ll take solace from my bank account.
      My mum’s advice when I told her that some nasty person was calling me names, was that age old adage….
      “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me” (nearly the same as yours)

      Tension is obviously high in a match and tempers will flare and words will be emitted that regretfully should not have been, apologies are usually impossible from big egos but surely there’s no need for such a palaver as we have recently seen. Or is it the media blowing it up out of all proportion to sell papers.
      My opinion is that the emotionally injured should just count their blessings, which start with damn good health and superb talent, that’s without mentioning the tens of thousands of new ones every week and learn to live with the slings and arrows of outrageous name calling.


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