Long live free Press, down with PC brigade

UNDER THREAT: Right of free speech.

During my existence on this wonderful, but oft troubled planet, I have been lucky enough to traverse it fairly extensively. Each time I stepped back on to British soil I was always overwhelmed by an enormous sense of relief and the pure elation that I was back home, in a country where I could say what I liked and give my opinions on any subject  without fear of retribution. 

Well, those heady days of Hyde Park Corner orations and ‘soapbox’ freedom of speech are long gone; well and truly stifled by the PC brigade. 

But we still have freedom of the Press. If we lose that we may as well curl up in a fetal ball and dish out football boots to all the politicians and particularly the PC brigades, whose committees and organi-sations will, I can assure you, sprout up like cress on blotting paper. 

This column would go for a start (I can hear the cries of elation from here!). New laws to regulate the free Press would result in a never-ending chaos of lawsuits, court cases, decade-long appeals, parliamentary time and  legal mayhem, which will have the lawyers of the land rubbing the very skin from their flaky palms. 

I simply cannot believe that our esteemed leaders cannot envisage the manifestation of this night-mare scenario, when to this old 60s’ pop singer it’s as plain as daylight itself! Should such a law prevail it will result in one of the biggest wastes of time ever perpetrated on the British public. Time, which in the current climate, we cannot afford to squander on even more PC and pumped-up, holier-than-thou pillocks, who already permeate our society like parasites.

Personally, I think the closing of a national publi-cation and the imprison-ment, with possibly more to come, of some the industry’s most powerful journalistic figures, should be quite enough to make future owners and editors think more than twice before stepping out of line. 

Let the Press continue to regulate itself, with firm guidelines of just how far it can go; not introduce even more laws into a society already awash with legal eagles getting rich by interpreting the ridiculous slurry of legal pot-pourri the country is embroiled in.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy


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