String ‘em up, but prove guilt before condemning

JIMMY SAVILE: Accused of sexual abuse

AS most of my regulars are aware I don’t make a habit of replying directly to most of the correspondence I receive.

Not that I don’t appreciate your letters, I do of course, it’s merely a matter of space and time. This week I’m making one of my rare exceptions. To be accused of being a paedophile sympathiser, and indeed virtually called one, does to my mind merit a bit of my somewhat limited scribble section.

This letter is to me a glaring example of how the views of a writer can be twisted and misconstrued almost to the point of becoming libelous. In the first place my ‘witch hunt’ piece didn’t condone artistes who may have been involved in abusive acts toward children, merely the heavily publicised accusations that they may have been.

Hopefully the law in the UK still maintains that a person is innocent until proven guilty! My whole point was that careers were being ruined and livelihoods threatened merely on accusations. Believe me when and if these people are found to be guilty, I would like to see them all strung up and castrated.

Unfortunately the law can’t be brought to bear on one of the vilest of all.  With overwhelming evidence against him it would appear Jimmy Savile was guilty of at least some of the atrocities he has been accused of and is hopefully burning up in some hell pit or other.  As for the rest let’s not be too hasty to condemn before their guilt is proven, we are still hopefully a little more civilized than that.

As far as I and my fellow musicians were concerned, I merely observed that with the abundance of young girls who offered up their favours in those far off days I suppose there was always the possibility that some were younger than they appeared, but believe me in our case it was never obvious.

To actually be accused of myself and my band knowingly abusing children is something I consider extremely offensive and deem that the writer of this letter deliver up a sincere apology in his next, always assuming he can actually write non vitriolic correspondence. The almost out of control ranting in the letter tells me he probably can’t.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Well I’m scribbling this from the sunny climes of Tenerife (I know I know, somebody has to do it!) I don’t actually really want to be this far from family and loved ones, but unfortunately with Mallorca closed for the winter and mouths to feed I simply had no choice.  Ah well, poor old me its only for three months anyway.  Er pass the sun tan lotion would you?  Dontcha just hate me!

Keep the faith

Love Leapy    [email protected] or visit the web site.

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    • Roy Leon

      24 January 2013 • 17:05

      Dear Mr. Lee,
      We have no idea which moronic soul vilified your last article.
      I use the word advisedly because only a stupid person would not be able to judge from your many writings exactly what sort of character you are. It should be clear to any intelligent reader that you are open, honest and outspoken. All three in a well balanced and thoughtful mix.
      There will always be imbeciles at large and none of us can avoid them. Where we can, they are best ignored.
      We should never be tempted to go down to their level to argue with them as they will beat us with their experience.
      A sympathetic and appreciative reader of your column.

    • TeddyBoy

      25 January 2013 • 15:23

      Hi Lee
      Always some idiot who likes to vent his anger at someone
      But sounds like A Very Nasty Letter
      Now if you were Multi Millionaire !!! Could Sue the Arse off him
      As the Bloke did in UK & papers setttled & also sueing certain people who made same remarks on Twitter.
      As I said : You were absolutely correct without proof or even being arrested
      Artist having their home searched & stuff taken
      Plus once Accusation even unproven Then their careers are ruined
      Plus ofcourse as usual person making the up to 40 year old complaint NOT NAMED
      Definately a MacCarthy Type Witch Hunt going on & no doubt any genuine Guilty Artists Not being charged as Circle of well positioned Friends Covering their Backs
      However Me Ol’ Mate : Hope all is well as possible in Teneriffe
      All the Best Colin ( The First & Forever UK TeddyBoy )

    • SELWYN

      04 February 2013 • 16:36

      Hi Lee Selwyn from Sheffield here seen you few times in majorca just like to ask you a question I have heard that leo may have passed away any idea?


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