Life is a real PIN in the neck!

PIN BLOCK: How do you remember your PIN numbers?

LIFE used to be so simple not so now.

Hasn’t information technology changed our lives, as now the more we evolve the more complicated it becomes to keep our information safe.  Safe from hackers, thieves, data protection laws, everything really, even ourselves.

Nothing much happening if you don’t have a PIN (Personal Identification Number). You are, without a doubt, no-one without one.
I can’t tell you how many PINs I have as I really don’t know and can’t keep track as many are doubled up because I have them for personal and work use: logging in/out (from PCs, laptops and tablets) email addresses (I have eight), Facebook (I have five accounts), Twitter, Tuenti, web page, blogging, mobile phones and PUK numbers. Internet access to banks, bank cards, credit cards, debit cards, online shopping sites, online subscriptions, downloading statements for services, numbers to access associations, information sites, membership and resource sites.

PINs to access clouds and databases, booking flights and holidays, downloading music, films, and the list goes on! And continues to grow on a daily basis!
Where do you keep all these PINs? On your phone? In a little book? In your wallet on a piece of paper? In your head??!! – I am open to suggestions. Do you use the same number for everything? (Don’t answer as you’re doomed). God forbid if someone gets hold of it.
True that now we can’t live without all those PINs as they are the Key to our life. No wonder we go mad if we lose our phone, if our bag/wallet is stolen or lost. I am mad now, losing my head trying to remember what PIN it was, and mad because I am really annoyed that I never remember them and have to reset them every two seconds!
I love technology, but this aspect I’m not sure makes our life easier. In fact it makes it more complicated and vulnerable.

Roll on the day when everything can be done with eye recognition or something unique to each of us. As -at this rate- all my neurons will be used up trying not to forget and then trying to remember where I left that disguised PIN number on my phone, or the ‘little black book’ that has the numbers in it, or if that little piece of paper dropped out of my wallet.
I remember when (the 80s maybe) we had no PINs, we didn’t have mobiles, we signed vouchers when we used our credit cards, we went to the bank to get our cash or do transactions, we had to go to the library to get our information, and we only watched four TV channels.

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