Level playing field wanted as Spanish shops go to the wall

TAKING OVER: Swarms of Chinese businesses are taking over

‘BEWARE the yellow races.’

When Old Mother Shipton reputedly issued this stern warning umpteen hundreds of years ago, she probably envisaged a race of people coming across the Euphrates waving weapons of war, not brandishing bundles of banknotes.

For some utterly complicated reason, the Spanish government has allegedly allowed the Chinese to trade in the country tax free. It apppears it is something about Hong Kong no longer being a tax haven for Latin American countries!
Well, I suggest you take a look around; they are now everywhere.
Their multi stocked supermarkets, which are supplied exclusively from China and are in some cases a total monopoly, sell just about everything from knitting needles to knee pads and everything in between.
Because many of their materials used in their manufacturing are utterly inferior to those used by the factories of the Western hemispheres, plus the fact their labourers work for a pittance and they have special tax liabilities, they are able to undercut local businesses to a point where Spanish retailers are going into liquidation – or being threatened – in droves.

Due to the fact they sell a multitude of ironmongery items local ferreterias are going under. Their extensive lines of books and writing materials are leading to the closure of a whole host of stationary stores. Small Spanish haberdashery and shoe shops are being forced out of business right left and centre .  These Chinese entrepreneurs are also now moving into other areas.

A couple of nights ago I visited a large restaurant cabaret establishment in Tenerife.  The last time I was there it was Spanish owned. 

Not anymore. 

I tell you something there is something incongruous about a place packed with British tourists all singing along to an Elvis tribute with a Chinese floor manager on duty and another operating the till!

Now I have nothing against free enterprise. What I simply am unable to understand is why, if these tax breaks occur, there hasn’t been some form of outcry from local business people? This odd silence also extends to the Spanish government.
Surely its citizens are entitled to some explanation as to why they have allegedly waived tax responsibilities for these Asian business people?

I think something smells somewhere.

No responsible government would allow a whole race of foreigners the means to undercut and put thousands of its own local business people out of their places of employment, for no apparent reason whatsoever.

No, there’s summat up and I for one think local business people deserve some explanation for what appears to be taking place in their country.
Personally I’m intrigued.
Has anyone out there any idea of what is going on and can put it all into laymen’s terms?
I’m all ears.

For all of you jealous of the Tenerife weather. We have now been in the grip of a howling storm for two days! Feeling a little better!?


Keep the faith.


Love Leapy  [email protected]  leapylee.co.uk

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    • The Forever TeddyBoy

      12 March 2013 • 01:52

      Hi Lee
      Personally I think it is fact that china has the Money & has lent it to most of Euro Countrys. Maybe more to Spain (Who Knows) In return for Loans & low interest Rates Maybe Spanish Gov. have agreed to these Tax Breaks for the Companies to start Up in Spain.
      China also Buys 90% of Iron Ore from Huge Mines in Western Australia. This has push price of Steel up Ten Fold in 5 years. % years ago Scrap Cars You had to Pay £50 to get cleared. Now Companies are Picking them up from side of Road for £180
      In spare Parts China is Copyiing everything in Storing & Dispensing of Fuel Products. & theirs dont last 6months Easyist example for Layman to equate with is nozzle you fill car up with in UK : Manufactured in Germany : To buy in UK of Supplier depending on number. But say ONE Costs German £110 + vat 20% :::: Chinese Copies Delivered to UK £17 each : I can tell difference but Garage Owners cannot : So sending them back to German Agent under 12 months warranty only to find not their Product
      No doubt happening in every trade :
      On the other hand Tesco’s have tried to gain foothold in China & they have withdrawn I beleive.
      So their you go My Mate : Buy all materials & copy everything :: You have to gain a Monopoly
      All the Best from The UK TeddyBoy


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