Looking after their own at our cost

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DOWNING STREET: Seat of UK political 'con men'.

CONGRATULATIONS to my lovely daughter Charlene. Pregnant at last! You’ve made an old grump very happy. Another of my previous ‘rants’ came to fruition this week with the announcement that Blair’s ‘New’ Labour group of con-persons, did in fact reduce and ease our border restrictions to allow the entrance of as many immigrants as possible, both legal and otherwise.

This immoral bunch of devious manipulators knew that with the economy booming and even the workers content with their lot, it was going to be extremely difficult to raise future left wing votes. To rectify the problem, and at the cost of the very country they were supposed to be allegiant and patriotic toward, they flooded it with millions of foreigners and aliens, literally changing its heritage and national identity forever.

It gives some idea as to how far politicians are prepared to go to retain their positions of power and privilege. Believe me, whatever party they belong to, 99 per cent of these people couldn’t give a monkeys for the local populace, or the country they represent.

The only reason they adopt any policies at all is as a means to further their own ends. Gay marriage, stronger border controls or a penny off the price of beer.

All are ploys to become popular enough for the gullible masses to re-elect them. To me politicians are akin to lawyers, who, while giving the impression they are completely on your side against their opposite member in any legal dispute, are in fact the best of mates, privately plotting how they can squeeze as much out of you as they possibly can.

Well I can tell you I have never trusted any of them. To put these people on some sort of holier than thou pedestal and think they truly care enough to put the general public’s well-being in front of their own personal ambition, is such nativity as to be almost laughable.

Some are of course worse than others. Blair was probably one of the worst in recent history. How the man can even show his face in public is completely beyond me. To further their own ambitions this cold calculating individual and his awful wife, not only held the country of their birth in utter contempt, but were also responsible for the death and maiming of thousands of its sons and daughters.

To me I would hope to see the two of them rotting behind the prison bars they undoubtedly deserve. But they won’t will they? Politicians and lawyers aren’t they? Not accountable for their decisions are they? Give us a break. Conmen are banged up all the time. If the same rules applied to Britain’s politicians, you’d have to put the houses of parliament up for rent.

Keep the faith

Love Leapy

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    • Roy Peters

      24 May 2013 • 09:48

      Well said Leapy! Blair should be charged with treason and locked up forever!

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