Stop saying sorry! British apologise too much…

IS Britain ever going to stop apologising? We even apologsise when we consider ourselves in the right (‘I’m sorry but….’). No wonder even large numbers of our Spanish hosts, often actually refer to us as ‘the sorry’s’. OK, I admit our general historical activities have not always been in the best interest of ‘foreign climes,’ but there really is a time to call a halt to it all.

Now I see we’re about to hand over another 14 million sterling to survivors of Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion of the 50’s.  Along with an apology of course!  Well it’s a joke isn’t it? I mean how far back are we prepared to go, the Crusades?

Perhaps we should put out a few feelers on our own behalf.  I mean, Italy should certainly put up a few quid in compensation to descendants of the victims crushed under the boots of the Roman army. What about a few German apologies for the antics of Attila’s European scourge?  Some chance.

No. Once again there is only one sector of esteemed professionals which gain from all these ludicrous endeavors. Yes you’ve guessed it. The lawyers. These ambulance chasing parasites, who worship at the shrine of Cheryl Blair, have no morals or scruples whatsoever and would take their fees from a badly gaffed haddock, were they given the opportunity.

All the time the laws allow ‘no win no fee’ lawyers to operate at will, claims for apologies and of course, compensation, will continue to assail us and bleed the coffers ad infinitum. Well I have a claim they could all begin to work on.

One, which, if proven, could lead to the largest compensation pay out in the history of mankind.  I would like to sue all the individuals and countries who have, through their irresponsible acts, polluted our planet with so much radiation that its inhabitants are now dying in their millions of the tumors and mutations that have been the result.

This week’s announcement that the reason old people are more susceptible to this holocaust is because we are all now living longer, is a cynical joke and an insult to our intelligence.

The reason more old people are now contracting cancer, is simply because they have been exposed to the poisonous radiation for a greater length of time.

End of story.  Can you imagine all cancer victims suing every country that has been responsible for this unforgivable abomination?  What about an apology?  ‘Sorry we began a process that could ultimately wipe out the human race’. 

Give us a break. They should all be hanged drawn and quartered; but of course, by the time all the appeals have been heard we’ll all be dead anyway. Sorry about that!

Is there not something completely incongruous about observing a Romanian beggar, clothed in rags, sitting on a cardboard box, chatting away on a mobile phone?  I truly do give up.

Keep the faith.

Love Leapy.   [email protected]

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