Still waiting for the heroes to appear

HELP NEEDED: But is a super hero on his way?

HISTORY has taught us: ‘Cometh the moment cometh the man!’ Well, I’ve been awaitin’! I have demonstrated the most regal of deportments, the most sublime and endearing patience, yet things seem to be getting worse!

The Spanish economic crisis has dragged on for five solid years now, unemployment still rises; good and honest people not able to earn a living are losing their houses. Teens have no future and are leaving in great emigrational herds whereas those of us remaining can enjoy the reward of astronomical tax hikes in every sector.

The entire debacle caused by the obvious blatant systematic ‘cover up’ by decades of administrative reckless spending by ‘gifting governments’ buying votes. 

With each passing day the situation is getting worse. People who can read Spanish news-papers see daily pronouncements of more graft and corruption.

I find myself hypnotically transfixed peering down the long dark tunnel for some glimmer of hope, yet no solutions appear other than the distant beam from the far bleak end that could be hope or another fast-moving train. 

Where are the heroes that are needed to save us? To lead us out of this winter of despair? This fast revolving mess growing exponen-tially like a snowball bounding from great heights on a blitzkrieg to Hell. I can’t even imagine thinking of Heaven. If there’s a silver lining behind every cloud you know damn well some politician is there already cutting it up and distributing it to his cronies for ‘services rendered’.

Especially during this time of acute national financial crisis YOU should have noticed that not ONE politician has stepped forward and offered to renounce even a share of their lofty remunerations.

People able to read the Spanish press would have found them-selves better off locked up in solitary confinement, far away from the growing list of frauds and deceits perpetrated on the voting public by all the political parties, union leaders and just about everyone where a euro note has approached close enough for them to grab it. 

Public donations to aid parties in creating laws to enhance the betterment of the populace have been ferreted away to Swiss banks for hiding. One such lawmaker’s wife caught, admitted bold faced “she had no idea how the €600,000 crept into her bank account.”

Can the tooth fairy not be trusted any more? Or does she suspect a voting populace too dumb to understand the daylight robbery taking place?

Oh, and damn me, the church hasn’t bothered to whisper a word of recrimination, blame or censure. It is just another institution, living in the wings of a vast bureaucratic government empire, waiting in line for its own gifted handout.  

Solutions? Either the king comes forward and treads the dangerous pathways of the public sector (something that is difficult considering his family has already been tainted) or we rely on supposedly ‘the last legal bastion’ of credible legal importance, the law courts. But there these farces have already have been playing themselves out for the past three years and seemingly haven’t progressed other than to alert the media that the ‘situation is under study and review’.

There appears to be no other option available. 

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