The truth finally comes out for Michel and Steven Euesden

STOOD THEIR GROUND: Steven and Michel Euesden

EURO WEEKLY NEWS directors Michel and Steven Euesden finally got their day in court to fight the attacks of the founder of The Entertainer, Lenox Napier.

Napier, now based in Mojacar, Almeria, subjected them to years of written insults and attacks online, an Almeria court heard.

He claimed that the Euesdens had stolen from him the brand ‘The Entertainer’, the newspaper which he founded and which preceded the Euro Weekly News (EWN). However, evidence was presented in court to prove that the brand he sold them did not belong to him and that it was mortgaged.

Upon becoming aware of these two facts, the Euesdens decided not to go ahead with the option to buy, but not before they had already paid more than €500,000, the court was told.

In addition, assets of Napier’s company, Paperweight SA, were allegedly hidden to avoid outstanding creditors.

None of this information had been made available to the Euesdens upon entering the agreement. It was also proved in court that all monies agreed for the rental of the brand were paid in full, although this was never notarised.

Napier got The Entertainer brand back, but the money he had been paid was not returned to the Euesdens, who also had to pay off hundreds of thousands of euros in debts hanging over the newspaper.

The Euesden’s suffered numerous attacks online

They then had to endure a campaign of personal and professional attacks while starting anew to make EWN the strong media product it is today.

In court, Napier refused to answer the questions put by the prosecution, and is facing two years in prison for defamation and fraud. At this time, EWN is seeking no monetary compensation for damages.

Despite his claims that the brand was ‘stolen’ from him, Napier never took the case to court, and instead insulted the Euesdens, although his defence claimed that words such as ‘a**holes’ and ‘fraudsters’ have been ‘misinterpreted’.

His section ‘Weenie Watch’ written on his website in an attempt to discredit them, was removed in 2010 under a court order, as it was defamatory not only against them but also the hardworking, loyal team at EWN.

He posted false accounts of their financial status online and insulting emails were sent to individual clients of EWN written to appear as if they came from Steven Euesden.

Michel and Steven are confident Justice will prevail

Despite how damaging this hate campaign was to advertisers and the EWN brand itself, the Euesdens never stooped to his level. They have received no support from the local press, they have trusted in their co-workers and the Spanish legal system. Although it has been a nerve-racking experience, and a led to a long period of suffering, they are confident that justice will prevail.

More information will follow, but in the meantime, the Euesdens and all the team at EWN want to thank their loyal advertisers and readers, as without them, they feel they would have given up the fight long ago.

Contrary to what has been published on another news website, regarding Napier describing the Euesdens as ‘pornographers’ because they ran the ‘Contact’ magazine, Michel did not say in court that they owned several magazines of a sexual nature, but that the media group had at one time published several magazines covering different subjects, one of which was the one mentioned, and all of which were later sold. 

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    • Linda Frankel

      29 January 2014 • 17:53

      Good to see the truth finally coming out…

    • Esteban

      29 January 2014 • 18:21

      As part of the EWN team I can only but thank Michel & Steven for their support during the last 14 months. I feel very proud of being part of this “family” …… Having known it as the Entertainer and seen the growth under the management of the Euesdens I can only admire the result of the hard and constant work.

    • Jose Fco

      29 January 2014 • 18:25

      Honesty will always prevail. I wish to Michel and Steven the very best of luck.

    • Jenniflower

      29 January 2014 • 18:33

      Having been with EWN for seven years, been very aware of this matter and seen the effect it has had on the managers, company and clients, I can say that I am glad it has finally reached the courts and trust that justice will be done.
      I especially admire the fact that despite all that has been said about them, however one wants to ‘interpret’ it, Steven and Michel have never retaliated in the same manner and have instead gone through the proper channels. You know you have my full support. We’ll keep fighting!

    • Hakim

      29 January 2014 • 18:37

      Stay strong, you know you’re in the right, whatever anyone says.

    • Silvia

      29 January 2014 • 21:45

      The truth has only one way, Michel & Steven always take it with a hard and honest work day by day. I wish the law will be right because The Euesdens are really good persons.

    • Claire T

      29 January 2014 • 21:56

      I respect Steven and Michel for being so honest and strong. They are two of the hardest working people I have ever met in my life and they do not deserve to be treated this way. The truth will always win! You have the full support from your EWN ‘family’, clients and all the loyal readers!

    • Samantha 21

      29 January 2014 • 21:05

      Being part of this hardworking team for over a decade
      I have seen these lies nearly destroy Michel,Steven and all of us as a family.
      However although she has her moments she has always believed in hard work and that the truth will come out one day.
      We pray that justice is done and and we can all get on with our lives.
      As usual we have handled it with dignity


    • kim

      29 January 2014 • 22:05

      Justice will be done….keep strong and keep the passion burning !

    • maureen

      30 January 2014 • 08:57

      Proud to be part of the EWN family and hope that justice will indeed be done. Michel and Steven have gone down the correct route with this one and admire them for all their hard work.

    • DilipK

      30 January 2014 • 09:04

      Michel and Steven have had to put up with years of abuse and throughout have acted with great dignity.
      They have not deserved the outrageous personal comments made about them over a period of many years. Not only do they have my full support in what has been a difficult time, they also have my admiration for the way they have handled the situation.
      It is a relief to all of us working at the EWN for this finally to come to court. Let us hope the case can put an end to the matter.
      Well done Steven and Michel for standing up for yourselves through the proper channels. For the first time people have a chance to see your side of the story. I think some people responsible for online trolling may have been given pause for thought now that the truth is coming out. I hope they can live with their consciences

    • June

      30 January 2014 • 09:05

      I have seen a member of my family stand beside Michel, Steven and the team at EWN for many years now, and we only do this for people who really deserve our loyalty. This hate campaign against the Euesdens has not only affected them but the whole of the team, and was unnecessary, as if a problem existed, it should have been solved through the proper legal channels, not through childish insults. The team must stay strong and united, they WILL come out on top.

    • Suzi

      30 January 2014 • 09:27

      Best of luck to you both.

    • Jill and Jon Leighton

      30 January 2014 • 09:46

      It is wonderful to hear that the patience and integrity of Michel and Steven over many years is finally being recognised via the Spanish legal system.
      Wishing all of the EWN team justice at last and continued support and success.
      All your hard work in building the EWN into such an informative and enjoyable read, while at the same time developing such an effective promotional vehicle for local and national businesses, is finally paying off.
      Also, your unfailing generosity in avidly supporting local charities, in the face of such unwaranted abuse and adversity, is a credit to you all.
      Wishing you all the very best of luck. Onwards and upwards…

    • Georgia

      30 January 2014 • 10:49

      Very proud to be part of the EWN team & Family. Michel & Steven are both very hard workers and deserve justice.
      Good luck & stay strong as the truth will win.


      31 January 2014 • 12:51

      Michel and Steven, have endured a constant barrage of insults and lies upon their person and their company, causing them untold distress. They have borne this with professionalism and great dignity. We expect nothing less from them both. We are so, so proud of them. Mum and Dad.


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