Farage: UKIP is NOT racist

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Nigel Farage argues that UKIP's policies are not racist.

Ahead of the European elections on May 22 UKIP leader Nigel Farage has argued that his party’s policies are not racist.


Farage launched his party’s election drive in Sheffield yesterday (Tuesday), amid controversy over UKIP campaign posters.

Critics, including Labour MP Mike Gapes, have said that one of the posters, which implies that 26 million Europeans want British jobs, is ‘racist’.

But Nigel Farage has hit back at the claims, arguing that preferential treatment for British workers is not a racist policy.

Talking to Sky News, Mr Farage said: “I think it’s the job of the Government to make sure it puts British people and their interests first, yes. Of that there is no question.

“I don’t think it can be deemed racist in any way. We’ve never in our history had a complete open door, and now we have one to 485 million people.

“I don’t think we should have a complete open door to the labour market in this country from the European Union.”

At the conference Farage described the upcoming European elections as “the most important European elections that have ever been fought in this country.”

The Eurosceptic continued:

“We’ve got a chance four and a half weeks from now to cause such a shock in the British political system that it will be nothing short of an earthquake.

“If UKIP wins these elections, a referendum and a chance to get back control of our country will be one massive, massive step closer.”

Farage was optimistic about his party’s chances, saying: “I think we will win.”

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    • Roy Peters

      23 April 2014 • 10:38

      I for one hope that UKIP do win. The other three parties have had more than enough opportunity to guide the country down the right path and all have failed dismally. UKIP can hardly do worse.
      Tony Blair did the most damage when he opened up the country to every benefit scrounger on the planet, and in four years the Con/Lib government have failed to do anything to get the doors closed. Unlimited immigration is destroying the country from the inside and so far as I can see, the only party with any possibility of solving the problem is UKIP.
      I know they are untested, but they seem to be the only ones willing to get us out from under the strangling yoke of the EU immigration rules and do something about fixing the problems.
      When all is said and done, they can hardly be worse than the other three.

    • Geoff Brooks

      24 April 2014 • 08:11

      I also dearly hope that UKIP win, or at least get sufficient support to show that the British people have had enough of the LibLabCon cartel who ignore public opinion and have no intention of changing. Somebody has to put the wind up the cosy Westminster crew and Nigel and Co are the ones to do it. If you have a UK vote you know what to do.

    • valerie

      24 April 2014 • 09:38

      The media can print as many lies as they like and twist everything Nigel @ Co say, I will still be voting UKIP.

    • Neb

      27 April 2014 • 09:01

      Before any guiris start getting all excited about who awesome Nigel the Nazi is, it might be wise to consider our own position. If he pressures the other parties to withdraw the UK from the EU and the EU migration zone, what do you think that means for us? Nigel is hanging us out to dry and he doesn’t give a cr*p. It’s in the interest of all British citizens leaving elsewhere in the EU to oppose UKIP – otherwise we’ll wind up in same boat as the sin papeles.

      I’m honestly shocked that any British citizen in Spain can be so blinded by the Olde Englande rants of some politician in a different country that they support him putting them at risk of loosing everything.

      I’m not surrendering my job, my home and my whole life, just to be front in the line for the latest moral panic out of London.

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