Film community condemns Israel

Many famous Spanish artists and film stars have recently shared their dismay at the situation in Gaza. Around 100 different people have issued an open letter stating that ‘genocide’ is taking place in the war-torn state; leading names are Penélope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Pedro Almodóvar.

The various artists are pleading for the European Union to “condemn the bombing by land, sea and air against the Palestinian civilian population in the Gaza Strip.” In addition the letter asked for the removal of the blockade enforced on Gaza by the Israeli forces and for a quick ceasefire.

This follows one of the worst days of the conflict where a school was bombed and 20 lost their lives, bringing the total to more than 1,200 Palestinian deaths. A call has been made to also allow medical aid in for the Palestinian civilian population.

Javier Bardem has previously got involved in political matters. He tried to intervene in Spanish plans to drill in the Canary Islands, whilst his wife Penelope Cruz was unhappy at how the present situation was unfolding.

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    • Roy Peters

      30 July 2014 • 19:02

      These people obviously don’t have the brainpower to look behind the headlines and see that the whole debacle is being orchestrated by Hamas to have everyone screaming at Israel again.
      What would their reaction be if say, Portugal started raining rockets down on Salamanca or Seville? They would be baying for blood just the same.
      This is a repeat of several such episodes over the past ten years. Stop being short-sighted and hypocritical people and look at who started this – again!
      If Hamas want the attack to stop, put an end to firing rockets at Israel!

    • Jane Kean

      03 August 2014 • 12:16

      For God’s sake this 2014 not 1784. What country occupies a whole population, imprsions them with a 20 ft wall, blocakeds them by sea and land. Controls and humiliates every aspect of their lives. The only near comparsion to this is to Nazi Germany and Warsaw Ghetto. If this was not enough then proceeds to steal more and more of their land and if they victims protests, they bomb, schools full of children sheltering, kills children playing soccer on the beach, hospitals and UN shelters.

      The world did not accept apartheid in South Africa (and they never were this brutal nor inhumane), Darfur or East Timor then why do we put up with apartheid and genocide in Palestine? It is a question of humanity versus inhumanity.

    • Jane Kean

      03 August 2014 • 12:43

      The question should be if Seville was taken over by Portugal and forced its population out by bombing and massacring whole villages (like now) in 1948 to the suburb as refugee and invited all of Portuguese Diaspora to settle in Seville on the vacated land and then imprisoned the Spanish Sevillian in a Open Prison (according to PM David Cameron) and then starved them and routinely attacked them with F-16s and treated them like vermin, how would freedom loving Spanish people of Seville feel and what would they do? Die quietly in the prison where nothing comes in or goes out without your occupier’s permission (as you can see from the massacre of the kids the occupier is neither benign nor benevolent) and you have to rely on tunnels to smuggle in even food, medicines etc?

      That is the moral question of our time.

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