Dando tried to expose paedophile culture

Popular UK TV presenter Jill Dando, who was shot dead outside her London home in 1999, is believed to have attempted to instigate inquiries into alleged paedophile activities within the BBC in the mid-1990s, but “no-one wanted to know.”

A source close to Ms. Dando recalls her as ‘compiling’ a dossier of complaints about sexually abusive behaviour within the corporation and handing it over to bosses because she herself was a presenter rather than an investigative journalist.

Speaking to the Daily Star, the same source, also a former BBC worker who asked not to be named said: “They gave it back. No-one wanted to know.”

The source went on to explain that lots of people ‘would talk to Ms. Dando’, who was the presenter of hugely popular programmes such as ‘Holiday’ and ‘Crimewatch’. Disclosure to Ms. Dando included information that BBC staff, DJs and Celebrities were involved in organised abuse. 

“Surprisingly big names” were involved, according to the source. “I think she was quite shocked when told about images of children and that information on how to join this horrible paedophile ring was freely available.”

Ms. Dando, 37, was gunned down and murdered on the doorstep of her Fulham home on April 26, 1999 in what remains as an unsolved cold case murder investigation.

Barry George an unemployed part-time ‘stuntman’ became the Metropolitan Police’s prime suspect. George was placed under surveillance for a period of time and later arrested on May 25th 1999 and charged within 72 hours with the murder of Jill Dando on May 28th on the direction of the Crown Prosecution Service.

George stood trial at the Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey) in London. On July 2nd 2001 he was found guilty by jury, convicted with the murder of Ms. Dando and sentenced to life imprisonment.

George denied any involvement in the Dando murder and later went on to appeal against his conviction. On his third appeal at the Royal Courts of Justice George was acquitted of Ms. Dando’s murder and released from prison.

Speculation, conspiracies and wild accusations concerning Ms. Dando’s murder have come to public scrutiny over the years, but the murder investigation remains as a ‘cold case and unsolved.’

Some 15 years later following an extensive major police investigation initially launched by the Metropolitan Police Service in London, in 2012 involving multiple police forces across the UK, Operation ‘Yewtree’ citing paedophilia and serious sexual offences, resulted in-excess of 17 suspects being arrested and interviewed at length by specialist detectives.

Some arrests have resulted in ‘criminal convictions’, ‘no further police action’ being taken, and some ‘bailed from police custody’ pending further investigation.

Suspects arrested include those of ‘BBC staff’, ‘DJ’s’ and ‘Celebrities’ and some with “Surprisingly big names’” 


Essence of information surrounding Ms. Dando’s dossier back in 1999 appear to be regurgitating within the police’s, ‘Savile -‘Yewtree’’ investigation.


Modern day policing, HOLMES indexers and computers software hold every snip bit of information, intelligence and evidence (data input & analysis) concerning the specific investigation.

Euro Weekly News doesn’t like coincidence – Questions need to be raised;

Have the police investigation teams ‘Oxborough’ (Dando murder) and ‘Yewtree’ (Saville enquiry) ever shared intelligence, cross-referenced or carried out the most potential annalistic anacap process between their respective databases and investigations?

Was Ms. Dando ever that close to publicly speaking and/or handing her dossier of information, data or evidence into the police?

Some may think this as another ‘conspiracy theory’, but think and look at the facts logically and un-biasedly. If an individual had information and/or evidence to bring a major corporation to the forefront of the public and authorities eyes, what measures could, would or may be taken to prevent any harm being done?

Was ‘George’ collateral damage or in fact a scapegoat for those truly responsible?


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