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THERE is much talk about internet issues on the Costa del Sol at present with so many operators vying for their share in the marketplace – some good, some not so.

With Telefonica ‘attempting’ to update its infrastructure with fibre on a badly laid-out network with only one large conduit running down from Madrid, we firmly believe that this will take years to implement for installation in the majority of households in the Andalucia area.

Don’t be fooled by some telephone companies offering ‘great deals’ and ‘better internet speeds’. The lines are all run and subcontracted out by Telefonica anyway so it is impossible to offer more for less.

This usually results in giving you less internet speed for more money! We have also had scores of clients complaining about the IPTV boxes that companies send out with ‘bundle’ packages as they are poor quality with no instruction given and no back-up service.

We, at The Sky Doctors, are different.  We negotiated a ‘very special’ contract with Movistar over a year ago when we rolled out the ‘3G unlimited MIFI router’ which gives completely unlimited internet. I personally spent months checking, monitoring, re-checking with our admin team and Movistar on various IPTV systems in all areas of the Costa del Sol before I took the decision to roll the product out, in full confidence that it would work well with IPTV and other internet enabled devices.


I then took the decision to contact some of our very few trusted distributors to re-sell the products to their clients, which ultimately we control and monitor. So if you have a MIFI or 4G router in your home it has originally come from us but don’t worry, all the prices are pre-set so it will cost the same from your favoured installer as it does from us directly.

After much testing, we then took the decision to roll out our new 4G router. This is another of our breakthrough products on the Costa del Sol. It has four Ethernet ports so you can easily link up IPTV, laptops or computers to the device. It gives you WIFI up to 15 metres, has VOIP for your internet telephone calls through Skype and, the best bit, it gives you speeds of up to 40MB. Yes, that’s right! If you live in a 4G area then you will receive up to 40MB which is four times quicker than most Telefonica landlines and up to 15 times quicker than any WIFI company.

Even if fibre eventually comes to your area, our 4G router will be better on speed and comparable on price. And with our ‘buy to rent’ option – explained on the 4G router page on our website – if you are an infrequent visitor to the coast, you can collect and drop off your 4G router and pay just for the time you are here!


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    • Roy Peters

      05 August 2014 • 10:40

      Just another cleverly worded advert! If these people are so good then let them come to my house and PROVE it!
      Most internet companies around Marbella operate way below what they promise. We are with Vodafone who promised us 8MB, we are lucky if we get 4MB on a good day. We are without internet often but they seem incapable of doing anything about it.
      Part of the problem is the monopoly that Telefonica has on the phone lines. They are more interested in South America than giving people in Spain a decent service. They even have fibre optics in Guatamala, but have only started here in Spain.
      They have begun putting fibre optics in in Malaga and are working along the coast, but I am sure it will take years before we get it here on the outskirts of Marbella. I am certainly not holding my breath on that one!
      The service here in Spain is abominable and way below the standards in the rest of Europe, but we the customer have two choices – Like it or Lump it!

    • C spence

      01 January 2015 • 14:10

      They. Installed in my place in Puerto Banus. Went from a signal of 2 to a signal 20 which means I can run my laptop, iPad, phones plus Internet TV

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