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A couple from Cadiz out walking their dog in a nearby forest encountered something in the night-time sky that has caused some controversy.

The two-minute video below appears to show what could be a UFO buzzing around the night sky. Naturally those with a healthy dose of scepticism explain away the phenomenon as being tricks of light, drones and toy helicopters. The couple appear to be quite normal and dumbfounded by the experience; the wife suggests it was a satellite, only for her husband, Jose, to dismiss the idea. Perhaps the most compelling evidence of their eerie experience is the sound of their obviously distressed dog.

In the age of smart phone technology and HD cameras, this is merely the latest video of unexplained flying objects to appear over Spain. None, however, have matched the perplexity of the Manises UFO case in 1979 when for the first time in history, a commercial flight was forced to make an emergency landing because of a UFO.

Flight JK-297 from Salzburg to Las Palmas was forced to take evasive measures to avoid a fast moving object with red lights, half a kilometre away. As the airplane landed, three new UFO signals were detected by local radar, each one with an estimated diameter of 200 metres. A Mirage F-1 was scrambled to identify the inexplicable phenomenon. The pilot had to increase his speed to mach 1.4 to gain visual contact with what he saw as a cone-shaped object displaying bright colours. When the pilot closed in on the phenomenon it responded by accelerating and took off again. The pilot in hot pursuit mysteriously had his avionics scrambled. After a 90-minute pursuit fearing fuel loss, the pilot was forced to return to base.

Questions were asked about the incident in the Spanish Parliament, an official explanation dismissed the notion of UFO sightings, claiming the phenomenon was a freak optical illusion. The official Air Force report was classified until 1994.  The avionic difficulties experienced by the fighter were not mentioned in the official Air Force report. The pilot denied suggestions that his equipment was jammed by the US Navy sixth fleet stationed in the Mediterranean, claiming they were too far away and his instruments were only jammed when he attempted to track the UFO with an infrared homing missile.

Euro Weekly News passes this video on solely for your contemplation and consideration.    

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