Where is the Honour amongst criminals and organised crime gangs

IMAGINE the scene, you go out for lunch or shopping or just a drink on a Saturday afternoon with your family, friends or children, the heat is spectacularly hot and you decide to sit back on a warm terrace and order something to eat or drink.

The environment is relaxed, there are others around you equally enjoying their Saturday afternoon sipping on cool drinks watching the world go by, friends catching up with each other, children playing close to their families and the sun shining down encouraging more relaxation when suddenly an unknown male gets up and starts to run from a neighbouring table.

You wonder what’s going on, then suddenly you hear and see two other figures dressed in black, wearing black balaclavas, arms extended towards the fleeing man, both holding hand guns. Without warning, without care and without hesitation you witness and hear several loud cracks, bangs, similar to that of the sound of a car back firing. Is this real, are you in the middle of a stage show, television or film production and a camera crew about to follow in tow?

Again sounds of more gunshot fire ring out, the running man no longer running but now stumbles and slumps to the ground.

Chaos, shock, is there a silence in the air or screams and shouting from scared members of the public? Do you stay seated and try to cover yourself from becoming a victim of collateral damage of what you are witnessing. Grabbing children to protect them from danger, to prevent them looking and seeing this cold blooded gunning down. Whilst doing so you watch the masked men walk over to the injured man now on the ground, they approach him and one of them points his gun at the male’s head and delivers a head shot at almost point blank range, ensuring that their assassination attempt is a success. With the final bullet being delivered the gunmen run from the scene and make good their escape.

Is there no honour amongst criminals any more? Modern day gangland style assassination attempts, day light murder, shootings, thefts, organised crime gangs and petty criminals going about their criminality with no care in the world as to the impact their actions may have on innocent members of the public.

Where have the days gone when there was honour, when children would not be subject to violence. When women would not have witnessed beatings and shootings and when crime gangs and criminals would rebel and retaliate against each other in secluded areas.

In the East End of London, such would be done under the cover of night, in the quiet docklands when business closed for the day, or out in Epping Forest to name but a few. They understood that going to such locations would mean only those involved would be privy to their acts.

Today we witness violence, murder, terrorism, political assassination by criminals that do not care who they hurt or who witnesses their barbaric, violent and despicable behaviour.

They give no thought to post traumatic stress disorder, to the effect their acts have on the young and the elderly, that they may scar innocents for life, yet they cowardly hide their faces behind masks and make attempts to cover themselves from identification.

They give the impression of braveness for their cause but show cowardice in their stance. They give no thought to others, not involved in their criminal activity and run around acting in a bullish manner.

This has to stop, the innocent law abiding public’s voice needs to be heard, authorities and governments need to take radical and swift action, change needs to be made. The alternative is to sit back and wait for a time when it’s too late, when criminality takes over, when an unofficial public curfew comes into place through fear of becoming collateral damage because authorities have not reacted fast enough.

Euro Weekly News is a community newspaper, we pride ourselves on delivering breaking news, local news and international news to our readers, we welcome and encourage community interactions, this is a topic to bring to the forefront of our readers and to allow the authorities who also read the Euro Weekly News to hear from you. The largest voice in the community for expatriate residents in Spain, many of whom have relocated to bring up their children safely. Our families’ lives and safety are paramount.

Looking on the horizon with foreigners shooting foreigners in broad daylight raises concerns for personal safety.

We as a community need to stand united and be heard and do so hoping the underworld will listen to our words and reflect.

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