Theatrics over some goldfish is quite a saga

I KNOW we are a nation of animal lovers, but the theatrical goldfish saga that came to light last week really did tip the scales. (Scales geddit? Suit yerself).

Apparently in a recent modern day interpretation of Richard III, a member of the audience was ‘horrified’ by what she considered cruelty to a goldfish! The lady in question, who was a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), was sitting in the front row.

In a letter to the producers, she complained that when the Duke of Clarence’s life was dispatched in a tank of water, the lives of the goldfish swimming around in it were being placed in peril of injury or death! You really couldn’t make it up.

In the letter the group insisted that goldfish were intelligent sensitive animals that possess ‘long term memories and complex social structures.’ Despite the fact that the fish were supplied by a reputable company and cared for under RSPCA conditions, such was the onslaught from these people, that for a bit of peace, the company has actually withdrawn them from the show (I bet their agent wasn’t too happy with that!).

I mean give us a break. ‘Long term memories?’ My daughter has had a goldfish in a bowl for six years after winning it at a fairground. I understood that the reason it kept good and healthy and didn’t go doolally was because it kept forgetting it had already just done a circuit. The mind boggles.

On a more serious note, the tragic kennel fire which took the lives of 53 dogs last week was indeed a heartrending event. However, the more than £1 million (€1.26 million) that poured in within days was I felt a little excessive.

I wonder how much was donated by the public to help the children and refugees starving and dining in the hell holes of the Middle East in the same short period? Nowhere near that figure I’ll be bound.

Makes ya think dunnit? I haven’t broached on the ‘Scottish day of reckoning’ yet, mainly because I didn’t want to upset my Scottish friends. But as this piece comes out on the day of the referendum, I just thought I’d throw in my three penn’orth.

I hope everyone votes with their head and not their hearts. We really are sorry for Bannockburn.

We really would have cheered for Scotland in the World Cup – assuming you’d been in it! And we really would rather we all stayed together.

Seven out of 10 English people agree with me and frankly I wouldn’t trust Alex Salmond further than I could toss a caber. No is the only decision that makes any sense. You know it makes sense. Keep that mail coming, I can take it.

And whatever ya do – Always Keep the faith Love Leapy.

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