Sick of discussing pros and cons

I AM utterly sick and tired of discussing the pros and cons of Islam. To me the problem is very simple.

Thirty years ago the UK didn’t have Asian gangs grooming, raping and degrading the children of the ‘infidels’.

Thirty years ago they didn’t have ‘Trojan horses’ infiltrating schools, separating the sexes, teaching bigotry or refusing to conduct lessons in English. Thirty years ago (with the exception of the IRA, who actually had a point) they didn’t have citizens murdered and terrorised in the streets.

Thirty years ago they didn’t have no- go areas where integration was out of the question and law officers were afraid to tread in case they ‘offended’ someone, or caused a riot.

Thirty years ago there were no youngsters leaving home to join distant armies who decapitate, pillage and burn their enemies alive.

Thirty years ago they didn’t have the Christian religion undermined and discriminated against. Thirty years ago they didn’t have people on the streets insulting the troops and threatening their future annihilation.

Thirty years ago, unless they were pulling a bank job, you could observe the facial expressions of every female in the land. Thirty years ago they had no cause to discuss bigotry, ethnic inequality or the genital mutilation of young women.

Thirty years ago the British were a happy, albeit a touch naive, proud bunch, whose only real problems were the price of beer, the next to reside in Number 10 or the winners of the FA Cup. Need I go on?

The thing that actually annoys me the most, having lived in a Muslim country for eight years, is the fact that in Islamic controlled countries, anyone who doesn’t follow the teachings of Islam has a very hard time indeed. In Saudi Arabia, no one can build a church, owning a bible is illegal, and any Christian worship banned altogether.

An example of this was in 1979, when a small number of people, some of whom were personal colleagues of mine, decided to hold a short Sunday morning prayer meeting in a classroom of the American school in Jeddah. Someone got wind of it, informed the authorities and the result was a spell in prison and deportation for all of them!

Compare that with the freedom the followers of Islam enjoy in the UK. Free to speak publically about any aspect of their religion they choose. Mosques springing up everywhere, plus the British people bending over backwards to accept and try to understand their points of view. Simply bearing even these two facts in mind, I think you get some idea of how one- sided this whole, almost unbelievable intelligence-insulting charade actually is. Will it all change? Too late, I’m afraid – but then I told you that over 15        years ago.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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    • Tony

      12 February 2015 • 23:09

      I could not agree with you more Leapy, I only wish we could express our feelings so openly here in the UK , but sadly the UK version of the Gestapo won`t let the public of the UK express their feelings and views about this and many other topics like this anymore !!!

    • Edgar

      13 February 2015 • 12:38

      So well said Leapy, Winston Churchill warned the civilized world about what is happening today and we stick our heads in the sand and shut up because the politicians say we must.
      Imagine Buckingham palace in London being converted into a Mosque in about twenty or thirty years time.

    • David

      14 February 2015 • 08:24

      Great truthful article, I think you hit the nail right on the head.
      Well done for having the courage to write such an article!!!

    • Peter

      15 February 2015 • 21:58

      Offensive rubbish. And yes, Christians do kill too. Does Lee know that our air force is blowing up innocent women and children on a daily basis in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Syria? If those images were published we might find it harder to talk about right and wrong, good and evil. Not condoning those Islamist nutters, but still…

    • Ronald Lermer

      16 February 2015 • 15:54

      I could not agree more with your item.The only mistake you made was mentioning the UK only.It is Islam against the rest of the planet.
      North, South, East, West. A retarded, hate propelled ideology indeed.The problem of the west is, that in our struggle against these Islam idiots we are attacked in our back by the white-skinned of epic proportions who never fail to earn some big bucks in the minorities hugging circuit. Hasta la vista,
      Ronald Lermer, (Dutch)

    • Peter Fordham

      16 February 2015 • 16:00

      As you said in your piece these things did not happen 30 years ago, but it is not just the UK, it is the whole of western civilisation that has gone down this route, what is it with politicians of all colours who are determined to have “multi cultural” communities when ordinary folk have raged against them repeatedly.

      The Australian PM spoke many times about Islamists going to his country needed to respect the Australian Way of life but it was completely ignored and they have the same problems as Europe and the US.

      And now all governments are allowing fighters from Syria to return back to their old (Western) countries fully trained to attack from within.

      It is simply unbelievable and I think that politicians like terrorism because they can invoke ever intrusive laws in the name of stopping terrorism.


      Peter Fordham

    • Selwyn

      18 February 2015 • 08:46

      You do talk sence I want you to be P.M

    • R. Peters

      18 February 2015 • 08:53

      Well said Leapy – you deserve a medal!
      It is unbelievable that in a civilized nation the people are forbidden to speak of such for fear of getting arrested. It is time the Race Laws introduced by that traitor Tony Blair were repealed before all hell breaks loose.
      The people of England are so fed up with all the Muslim immigrant problems that eventually we will see action on the streets and the government will be hard-pressed to stop it.
      It is interesting to note that reports say the Muslim population has increased by 1 MILLION over the last decade so you can imagine what state we will be in in thirty or forty years time!


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