Give radicals a ticket

TAKING-OFF: Those who want to leave UK and join IS should be given every encouragement.

AT the time of writing, the news is full of three more young girls, all Muslims, who have allegedly become ‘radicalised’ and left Britain to join up with the IS movement in Syria.

Disturbing? Possibly. Worrying? Not at all. If these young people, or anyone else for that matter, thinks they would be happier living in a culture that suits their beliefs and outlook more than the environment they are living in, I suggest they should be   given every encouragement possible, even to the extent of paying their air fares.

Rather they all left for good, than to stay and turn their frustrations against the people they presumably consider enemies of their beliefs.

I would go even further. I would set up a Government-run helpline, well-funded and equipped with people who used a little common sense (as opposed to the do-gooders’ PC brigade). This department could act rather like Esther Rantzen’s ChildLine. Anyone who feels they would like to leave and join one of these movements, could ring anonymously, state their case and be given advice and counselling.

If they still truly wanted to leave, and weren’t underage, they could then be given every assistance to pursue their ambitions. We could probably get rid of scores of potential terrorist threats in this way. The only stipulation that would have to be made, of course, is that once their decision had been made, they would have their passports franked to expire one week after their departure, making any change of heart and desire to return virtually impossible.

What about the parents and family, you may ask? Well, unfortunately, as upsetting as it may be, something has been missed in their upbringing. Something has occurred that has made them feel they would be happier away from their home environment. The fact that those close to them have either not spotted it, or done nothing about it is, I’m afraid, simply unfortunate.

I’m sure there are many countries they could arrange to travel to and visit their absconded loved ones in the future, so it’s not exactly a permanent loss. Dream on, Leapy, dream on.

I see the Greeks have been given another ‘stay’ to resolve their debt problems. If they cough up, or straighten out their position in the next four months, ya can come around and smash every piece of crockery in my kitchen!

Keep the faith
Love Leapy
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    • Tom

      26 February 2015 • 17:06

      Hi Again
      Are you the only one with any sense in England, I read your article every week and so far it seems what I say to my wife in the week is repeated by you in you LeapyLee Says It. I’m sure if you started a campaign to do as you say, you would get a few million, I would be the first to donate, and I live in Belgium. Keep up the good work.
      Regards Tom.

    • Mannie

      02 March 2015 • 09:09

      Thank you for writing an article that I totally relate to.
      I feel exactly the same as you regarding this issue.
      I would cancel their UK passport as soon as they leave the UK or EU.
      Also I would suggest to the incompetent European union to do the same with the thousands of immigrants arriving into the south of Italy ,we should feed them,dry them and fly them back.
      You do this and they will think twice before spending thousand of dollars to get a ride across.
      I’m truly sorry for these people but the immigration policies must chance.
      All the best

    • Peter

      02 March 2015 • 09:10

      Hi Leapy, each week I have a good chuckle at your articles, the vast majority I concur with. This week though you have excelled yourself. How you get away with such opinions and suggestions I do not know. I venture to suggest that whilst the majority of the UK population would have you as Prime Minister, unfortunately it would never happen!
      Keep ’em coming.

    • Ian Thomas

      02 March 2015 • 10:27

      I sent you the statement that Gaddafi made in April 2006 which we all know now was not an April Fools Joke.
      These Neanderthals want us all dead.
      The morning after these 3 ‘Loony Tunes; flew to Turkey, guess what was blamed for the actions of these primitives’…….The UK’s foreign policy.
      At least IS should now know what 3 virgins are like. As they like their virgins in bunches of 42, maybe we can get another 39 to follow…………

    • Jonathan Allso

      03 March 2015 • 15:01

      I know that Leapy can defend himself perfectly well, after all, he has his column to do so. However, I think Mr Bill Campbell has missed the point. Mr. Campbell please let me ask you this one question. “Did you EVER, if only once, hear a muslem singing “Allah save our gracious Queen” with their eyes closed and their hands on their hearts?” I suspect not. Until that day comes Mr Campbell I am with Leapy 100% and I think you should be too. Yours as always with affection and gratitude for your excellent newspaper. Jonathan Allso Valencia.

    • Jean

      04 March 2015 • 08:33

      Dear Leapy, Hi my name is Jean and I reside in Spain I read your page first when I get the EWN the reason why I am e-mailing you today is because I would like to comment on J J John like many others. What will they do to J.jJohn ? When he is caught, he is a monster, probably they will smack his hands and tell him he has been naughty , they need to let all the relatives have a go at him ,and see how he likes it. I am one of your older readers and the world is getting worse and Enoch Powell was right “Rivers of Blood” Regards Jean

    • Robert

      04 March 2015 • 08:35

      How right you are about the BBC.
      And they have no right these days to include the word British.
      They seem to employ anybody as long as they are not British.
      So many Australians are presenting news. The other day turned on radio 2. A bloke called Patrick Kielty was sitting in for Steve Wright. He had such a thick Irish accent. Couldn’t understand a word he said.

      Hey ho.
      Keep up the good repeating.


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