The enemy within

WESTERN Europeans are waking up to the fact that they have been betrayed by a Brussels elite whose allegiance is to Washington DC.

Equally gut-wrenching, their sabotage of the European Union’s economy and security has played out to Russia’s advantage.

Since 1945, US foreign policy has lurched from one débâcle to another. An independent think tank estimates that American imperialism has led to the deaths of an estimated 20 to 30 million people. 

A Greek government minister was recently quoted as saying: “The EU and US pose a far greater threat to Europe than the Soviet Union ever did.” Leading Serbian king-maker Vojislav Selelj said: “Serbia will never join the EU as it is due for collapse anyway.”

The mindset that claims US alliance adds to European security and prosperity doesn’t hold water. During the American inspired sanctions, which brings immense hardship to Europeans, trade between America and Russia has increased significantly. 

Washington DC did admit to investing $7 billion (€6.14 billion) in Europe; these were the costs incurred in their overthrow of Ukraine’s legitimate government. I have family and friends through-out Ukraine. I cannot begin to tell you how they suffer as a direct consequence of US policy.

The US had no interest in Ukraine other than its own corporate and destabilising geopolitical anti-Russian ambitions. It is ruinous for Ukraine, but tomorrow we could all share the same fate if America gets its dollar-saving war with Russia.

Thanks to US policy and Brussels collaboration, Ukraine, Europe’s largest country, has been completely destroyed economically and militarily. Abandoned by the EU and US, neither of which can afford to rescue it, all Ukraine’s essential trade ties with neighbouring Russian are severed.

The fighting in East Ukraine, which German intelligence reveals has cost the lives of 50,000 Ukrainians, has worked to Russia’s advantage. Russian President Vladimir Putin, a far smarter statesman than Obama could ever aspire to be, again betters his Western critics.  

Scratching around for evidence of Russian invasion, Western mainstream media repeatedly make fools of themselves. They’ll get used to it. Mainstream media, the government’s bullhorn, is forced to use fraudulent photographs to falsely allege a Russian presence in Ukraine.

It was never in Russia’s interests to physically intervene in Ukraine. To leave the self-proclaimed independent republics to their own devices was actually to the advantage of Russia.

Today, Kiev’s skinhead regime, backed by Washington DC and Brussels, has yet another big problem. Ukraine’s disputed Novorussia, whose five million population is largely Ukrainian-Russian, is de facto independent, a humiliation and thorn in the side of Kiev and, like Crimea, irrecoverable. 

Kiev cannot survive whilst at war with an antagonistic rebellious Novorussia that it has lost anyway. Neither can Kiev survive without this most productive and prosperous Ukrainian region.  

Game, set and match. Another success for Russia that, at Western Europe’s expense, now turns to far more productive eastern markets.

Keep this article; I have just written tomorrow’s obituary on Western Europe.

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    • Jim mcallister

      28 February 2015 • 21:38

      I am in Spain for a few weeks Holliday from Scotland , when I was both impressed and alarmed by mike’s article
      We would not find an article like this in the Scottish press
      well done Mike I will follow your articles from Scotland
      yours Jim mcallister

    • Diri La Veron

      02 March 2015 • 15:35

      A surprisingly honest article! Mike Walsh is revealing some of the truth around and behind the ‘Ukraine’ situation, it’s just a shame he doesn’t go a bit deeper, maybe he isn’t allowed to?

      With a little free thinking, open mindedness and research beyond the fantasies spewed out by the ‘Western’ governments via the BBC, CNN et al, one can easily see who the real aggressors are, and it’s not Russia. Unfortunately, most of the ‘general public’ seem incapable of a bit of rational, logical thought.

      When writers, researchers or journalists mention the US, UK, EU or NATO it’s a bit of a cop-out because ‘we’ are not allowed to reveal who really controls them, the real culprits, the real manipulators and warmongers. All wars have to be financed.

      If you want to find the reason for a conflict don’t look at race or religion or territorial rights (i.e. don’t listen to the mainstream propaganda), just look at who benefits. The bankers? Who controls the Dollar, the Euro, the Pound? Who controls the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the IMF? Just a few soulless ’people’ at the top of the pyramid control a couple of banks controlling the rest and benefit from the deaths of millions and the destruction of countries.

      The Ukraine has been used as a pawn before by these very same ‘people’. Millions of Ukrainians starved to death by the Bolsheviks, do a bit of research and you will see who controlled and financed them.

      We continually see and hear ridiculous, unsubstantiated propaganda against Putin and Russia, like the miserable and embarrassing failure of the warmongers to attribute the shooting down of MH17 to Russia, the supposed ‘threat’ to other Baltic states and now an opposition leader is assassinated! Let’s look at the logic of that; Putin’s popularity ratings in Russia are at a high point, the opposition pose no threat. Who benefits from this murder? The very same ‘people’ who manipulated the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine, the people who control the puppet ‘leaders’ in Washington, Brussels and London. The ‘Middle East’ has a lot more influence than most people know.

      When the Daily Fail and the other comics plaster pictures of Putin alongside plane crashes, military equipment and desolation, you should know that these are lies and a diversion from the reality. If these people are allowed to continue their aggressive manoeuvres around the world, at such a pace, then we really are heading for the next world war!

    • Greger Lindberg

      03 March 2015 • 15:09

      In a week when Russia’s last opposition politician has been murdered, it is an embarrassment to Euro Weekly that Mike Walsh sets himself up as a mouthpiece for the Putin regime. He even stoops to the level where he copies the Kremlin vocabulary, calling Putin a statesman, but the Ukrainian government skinheads.
      Why does an otherwise fine paper allow itself to be tainted by his obscene columns?

      Greger Lindberg

    • Diri La Veron

      04 March 2015 • 16:35

      In 2014 a referendum by the legislature of Autonomous Republic of Crimea as well as by the local government of Sevastopol, both subdivisions of Ukraine at the time, asked the people of Crimea whether they wanted to join Russia as a federal subject, or if they wanted to restore the 1992 Crimean constitution and Crimea’s status as a part of Ukraine.

      The official result from the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was a 96.77 percent vote for integration of the region into the Russian Federation with an 83.1 percent voter turnout.

    • Diri La Veron

      04 March 2015 • 16:36

      I see people are still using the BBC, Sky etc. etc etc. as their source of knowledge. Pitiful.

    • Diri La Veron

      04 March 2015 • 21:23

      Any idea who murdered him?

    • Diri La Veron

      04 March 2015 • 21:26

      I wonder could it be possible that your ‘history’ is flawed? Do you research or do you repeat your old ‘history lessons’?

    • Stanley P Smith Jr

      07 April 2015 • 10:46

      ‘The enemy within’ by Mike Walsh (opinion and comment, March 4, 2015), was excellent with the exception of paragraph three, which should have read: ‘Since December 1941, US foreign policy…’
      My late father, 1895-1972, who was a very prominent Washington DC international lawyer, believed that there was very little difference between Hitler and Roosevelt, who sent thousands of our young American boys to their deaths here in Europe and in Asia.
      The Roosevelt Administration and foreign policy were fully responsible for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour – as it is a historical fact that they wanted to get us into a war with Japan. Both Hitler and Roosevelt were war criminals.
      Respectfully yours,
      Stanley P Smith Jr, Marbella.


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