Sub-human psycho is getting the bleeding hearts treatment

COLD-BLOODED MURDERER: Jihadi John does not deserve sympathy.

I REALLY was going to give my monotonous, seemingly never-ending diatribe on Islamic events a bit of a miss this week; and then they unmasked ‘Jihadi John.’

So here we go again. In the first place, I have never particularly favoured this title; it almost makes him sound like some charismatic war hero, instead of the sub-human psychopath he actually is.

But just a minute, it wasn’t his fault, was it? Surprise, surprise. The woodwork oozed open and out they all crawled. With total predictability the BBC immediately gave air-time (a lot of it!) to bitter and twisted fanatics, who insisted this cold-blooded murderer was actually a beautiful, gentle and humble young man, who would never hurt anyone.

They then continue to insult our intelligence even more, by stating he had only looked towards IS because he’d been made to feel like an ‘outsider’ in his ‘home country’ (a country that had in fact given him one of the finest starts in life any young person could possibly ask for). You really couldn’t make it up. Even as I write, Sky News is appearing to evoke excuses and sympathy for this individual by reporting that he was ‘hounded by MI6,’ felt like ‘a dead man walking’ (he is now!) and had considered killing himself.

Well it certainly appears he needed some form of psychiatric help, but to imply that these symptoms led to him hacking off innocent victims’ heads on film and declaring his ‘right’ to do so, really does defy all the bounds of any rational intelligence.

To tell the truth, the idea of anyone showing any sympathy whatsoever for this utter sleaze-ball, fills me with horror and a complete sense of despair at being a member of the same human race.

If we don’t toughen up and stop denying the existence of the ever-increasing amount of pure evil and hatred in our midst, these fanatics will one day find themselves sitting cross-legged on the carpets of Westminster, issuing out the rulings of Sharia, sending out legions of men with sledge-hammers and drills to our precious museums and chopping off heads in Trafalgar Square.

What these misled, liberal do-gooders are leading us into is physical confrontation. When people despair of the attitude of our media and politicians there is nowhere else to turn.

Don’t be fooled by the 20 per cent of Muslims who think that Islam will never integrate with the cultures of the West – that’s half-a-million British inhabitants who want us to adopt their culture! This poll also assumes that the remaining 80 per cent actually told the truth. Somehow I doubt it.

When the proverbial finely hits the fan, don’t expect the remaining 80 per cent to take to the streets proclaiming their loyalty to the culture of the West. It didn’t happen when the Nazis took over Germany and it ain’t gonna happen here.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy [email protected]

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    • DS

      05 March 2015 • 12:04

      spot on Leapy,Our media is part of the 5th column !!

    • Peter Adams

      05 March 2015 • 13:16

      Your so right as usual leapy, did you know that if you order flowers from marks and spencer you cannot use any christian words on the cars but you can have jihadi and other muslim terms written on the card.

    • David Charles

      06 March 2015 • 12:11

      I thought it about time I contacted you about your regular column in the above newspaper.
      You consistently strike the right cord and voice exactly what us more senior Brits are thinking. I find that most weeks I agree totally with your comments and like you believe that the ‘do gooders’ have done irreparable harm to Britain, and the world for that matter. I fear for my grandchildren and the future which thankfully I will not be around to witness. Some people still think that Muslims, in particular, could never take over Britain but they can and, if action is not taken soon, they will, by sheer weight of numbers.
      Britain must rid itself of radicals, repatriate them. Troublemakers or those opposed to our democracy should have their passports invalidated be and returned to whence they came. All foreign lawbreakers, whether muslim or eastern european or even French should be evicted from Britain as soon as they are convicted with no possibility of return. Let us not forget that the Muslims are only a part of the problem, there are decent upright Muslims and there are radicals just as there are in any other nationality or religion.
      Sorry I will step down from the soapbox now and return it to your care in the knowledge that it will be used to try and preach common sense.
      Keep up the good work, I’m glad I bought ‘Little arrows’ all those years ago.

    • Edgar

      07 March 2015 • 09:23

      Brits should stop using M&S, there are plenty of other florist around.

    • K Ward

      11 March 2015 • 08:42

      I am amazed at your perception of the isis problem, so many people,politicians included, are seemingly blind to what’s going on, you are so right regarding this so called jihadi john feller by the time the bleeding hearts have finished singing his praises on how he was a wonderful caring young man who wouldn’t hurt a fly, the BBC will be applying for a for him to be included in the yearly honours list, we have been swamped with anecdotes on what a chubby little baby he was and now we hear his parents are prepared to sue for compensation for defamation of their blessed son stating that there is no proof that he is the man in the beheading videos…….
      Keep doing the articles leapy it seems yours is the only voice of reason out there at the moment, more power to you mate.
      Best regards
      K Ward.


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