We continue to pull together towards a happier destination

By Erica Russell Watson

11th March

TREATMENT number six and this was the first time I felt a little concerned. I had quite a rough time after the last chemotherapy session but it wasn’t feeling bad that worried me, but more the fact that my immune system wouldn’t be up to scratch. So with trepidation I went to the hospital for my blood tests.

When you have had as many tests as me you notice different techniques. Well the lady this time just told me to totally relax and she took the sample without me having to ‘make a fist.’

I have to say it was excellent, I hardly noticed a thing.

I had my usual breakfast and went up to the eighth floor to wait to see my oncologist. There was a very funny elderly lady complaining about her doctor and asking everyone in the waiting room which doctor they had.

She was not impressed with her oncologist and said that he had better be prepared  because she was on form today and wasn’t taking any nonsense from him!

I have to say that despite the hours you have to spend waiting, the Spanish are so entertaining that time seems to pass by quickly.

The mood is generally upbeat. People don’t tend to speak about their treatment too much but more about current affairs, family, the weather or in the case of this week, politics as local elections are coming up.

Finally I was called and it was the moment of truth. I was amazed to find out that my tests were good and I could go ahead with my treatment. So many times I have heard other people being sent home as they just aren’t in good enough shape to take a chemo treatment.

I find myself becoming more impatient as I near the finishing line. My seventh treatment is on April 1. Interesting date! I will have to call the radiotherapy department at Carlos Haya Hospital to let them know that I am nearing the end of my chemotherapy so that they can book a full CAT scan and also book me in for my radiotherapy sessions.

I don’t know much about that yet as it depends on the scan results and my surgeon and oncologist’s assessment.

I am not feeling as wobbly as I did last time but I do have lots of muscular pain. I am, however, more prepared for it. Just have to get through it. I had a great day after my treatment, a lovely walk by the sea and lunch out. You have to enjoy the good moments when you feel up to it.

The weekend will be spent resting when I need to and doing things with the children. For me the biggest test lately has been steering them through the last few weeks. They are very sad and find it hard to reconcile to the fact that they will never see their father again.

I know that time will heal.

They always say they wish they could talk to their Dad. So instead of bursting into tears which I can assure you I feel like doing, I ask them what they would say to him. It seems to help. Every time they feel low I just tell them to have a little chat with him and to tell him about their day and the funny things that have happened.

Little steps are best, otherwise the enormity of recent events and the uncertainty of the future could capsize us and we need to stay afloat.

So we continue to pull together, paddling in our boat to a happier destination.

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    • Steve and Chris

      31 March 2015 • 10:54

      Hi Erica, we have been reading your blog/column with great interest, we wish you well in your treatment. Just like to add that Christine’s sister was dignaosed with the same cancer as yourself, she was give the drug Avasin, with great success. She finished the treatment in Aug/Sept 2014, the next scan was an amazing result, the cancer had either shrunk or disappeared, so there is light at the end of the tunnel, keep up the treatment. Kind regards. Steve and Chris

    • Erica

      31 March 2015 • 14:31

      Hi Steve and Chris,

      Many thanks for your kind words. Just so you know that honestly my column is never censored. I am very positive and will be finishing chemo next month so very excited about that and then onto radiotherapy. I hope Christine´s sister continues to do well.
      Kind regards

    • Erica

      31 March 2015 • 14:38

      Hi EWN team just realised in a reply to Steve and Chris that I stated that my column was never censored! Haha must be the chemo addling my brain but I think it refers to content in their email that has been censored!

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