That was the week that was

DROPPED: Full marks to the BBC for getting rid of Jeremy Clarkson.

WELL, that was the week of pure arrogance that was. Four jumped-up pillocks. Three who should know better, and one who thought we all came over on the last banana boat.

First on the big A List is that total berk, Jeremy Paxman. I, like many others, was truly looking forward to the party leaders’ TV ‘debate’. An opportunity to hear their ideas and visions of the future and also open themselves to unedited examination by an audience of a cross-section of the public.

Instead we got a man, generally used to bullying young university students, so pumped up with his own ego, he thought it perfectly acceptable to sandbag both party leaders. Snidely delivering a couple of aggressive questions, that he no doubt thought were very clever, merely resulted in both leaders spending most of their limited time defending what was basically the indefensible.

I’m sure it all made this idiot feel really important, but frankly it robbed the public of a whole range of questions we’d have been far more interested in hearing the answers to. If we had wanted the ‘Paxo The Prat’ show we could have waited for University Challenge.

Second A List contender of the week is another Jeremy. Personally I’ve never been able to stand Clarkson, another arrogant oaf. I don’t normally have good words for the BBC, but full marks for sacking this bully for chinning a (much smaller in stature) producer for nothing more than the fact that his [Clarkson’s] already oversized gut wasn’t being supplied with a hot meal the following day.

Third is that awful pontificating Keith Vaz, who, for some inexplicable reason, seems to keep being picked to head up some leftie influenced committee or another. This latest act of his continuing arrogance is connected with his handling of the accusations of number four on my A List, the father of one of the girls who absconded to join the IS in Syria. He was arrogant enough to think he could get away with blaming the police and authorities for his daughter’s radicalisation, swearing in front of the inquiry, chaired by Vaz, that he knew nothing about IS and their dealings.

It was subsequently revealed that he was in fact an active Islamic radical himself, having been pictured burning the American flag in front of the American Embassy in a mob which also included hate preacher Anjem Choudary and one of the killers of soldier Lee Rigby. Vaz made him and his whole family seem like victims of some appalling crime, and actually got the Met Police commissioner to offer a grovelling apology.

Will any of my A Listers issue any type of apology for their actions? Don’t hold yer breath, they’re far too arrogant!

Keep the faith
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Written by

Leapy Lee

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    • Edgar

      02 April 2015 • 10:15

      I say it again, the U.K government must drop that stupid do good and political correctness thing. The British people must wake up and smell the coffee, you are heading for a lot of insurrection from people who are enjoying the privileges of living in the U.K but want to destroy it.

    • Richard Beames

      06 April 2015 • 09:02

      Congratulations to Leapy Lee on a wonderful article – absolutely spot-on!
      With reference to Jeremy Clarkson and the BBC Programme, Top Gear; he and it are Dinosaurs which have been operating in the same format for the last 23 years.
      Every week, two overgrown schoolboys and their vertically challenged accomplice predictably present the same boring programme content namely:-
      • Drag race two sports cars on an old airfield runway.
      • Complete against one another in a race from A to B in Europe in a car, train or shanks’s pony.
      • Get some ‘B’ list celebrity to drive a ‘sit-up and beg’ small family saloon around the same old airfield against the clock – with Clarkson’s same inane comment –‘ Going through the Chicane’
      • Take beaten-up old jalopies, weld on some steel and drive them to destruction in some God forsaken place in Africa, Russia or South America where the local inhabitant’s think that they are all nuts and should be certified.
      • Same old bloke in a space suit driving around the same old airfield – mind the old 747 Jumbo!
      If cars are your bag, there is no comparison between Top Gear and two other interesting and educational motoring programmes namely, Wheeler Dealers and Car SOS which showcase Britain’s car history in restoring old Classics and the thriving industry of highly talented companies and individuals with hands- on engineering expertise. This may encourage young people in Britain to take up an engineering apprenticeship instead of going to university to study some obscure subject in the social sciences and waste 3 years philosophising.

    • Diri La Veron

      08 April 2015 • 15:08

      You and [most of] your readers do not know the truth about Keith Vaz or the “father” of one of the girls who “ran away” to join “ISIS”. You won’t know the truth about “the girls” and you won’t know the truth about “ISIS”. You will not know the truth about the “murderer” of “Lee Rigby” or the character known as “Lee Rigby”.

      You won’t know because you believe the fantasies presented and printed in the mainstream media and your readers will not have a chance to know the truth because you will not print the opinions and evidence presented by researchers like me.

    • Diri La Veron

      17 April 2015 • 22:35

      You’ve actually said nothing! Go on, commit yourself, add a bit of “meat to the bones” to coin a well used phrase (just to appeal to you and the way you [don’t] write!).
      OK, I’ll assume that “you are heading for a lot of insurrection from people who are enjoying the privileges of living in the U.K but want to destroy it.” means that you have recognised that the sick elite families and the royals actually don’t give a toss about “the people” and are screwing the population for everything, keeping everyone in debt, dumbing down the education system, poisoning the food, creating illnesses and false pharmaceutical “remedies”, creating false ‘news’, creating false history….etc. etc. etc.
      Do you reckon I’ve ‘got it, Edgar? Thanks for your comment.


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