Martyrdom is a ridiculous doctrine

I MUST confess that I find it extremely difficult to get my head around this ‘martyr’ business.

In the wake of the latest slaughter committed by those ‘brave’ followers of the Islamic ‘religion of peace’ against Christian students in Kenya, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, stated that the dead were ‘all martyrs’ and that Christians should ‘always use non-violent resistance against jihads’.

He was echoing the Pope’s Easter message, which decreed that Christians did not need to employ violence, and should ‘simply speak and act with the power of truth, beauty and love’. Fine words indeed, spoken from the lofty portals of the Vatican or Canterbury Cathedral, but frankly standing in a dusty street, surrounded by the rubble and the beheaded bodies of your family, I would find it a bit difficult to turn the other cheek to a baying horde of maniacs bearing down on me with sabres and machetes – martyr or no martyr!

The irony is that jihadist attackers also want to be martyrs. Everyone wants to be a martyr!

So what happens when we all inhabit this imaginary, ethereal world of paradise, peace, love and virgins? – the War of the Martyrs? It is of course a ridiculous doctrine. This is, I believe, the fallacy that will finally defeat the IS fanatics and their supporters. The gift of the creator is not the gift of death, it is the gift of life. An army which fights with the fear of death, is far more dangerous than the army which welcomes it.

We must never weakly turn the other cheek. We must do everything in our power to give the Islamists the martyrdom they so earnestly seek – by whatever violence at our command. It’s all these misguided morons understand.

All good-intentioned and peace-loving people must fight with everything they can lay their hands on, even if it is against moral judgment.

Only when we defeat the   Satan of the East, will we be able to enjoy the true paradise that awaits us. The one we can create on this glorious planet of ours. Not as martyrs, existing in some fairy-tale Shangri-La while our miraculous temples of the soul are rotting in the ground, but as true children of the creator, enjoying the wonders of Earth. Readily available to all human beings that truly seek to enjoy peace, love and harmony with their fellow travellers. 

Keep the faith
Love Leapy [email protected]

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Written by

Leapy Lee

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    • Ian Thomas

      17 April 2015 • 21:50

      Leapy, I wonder if the Most Reverend Welby and Pope Francis would like to leave their fortified bunkers and travel to say Kenya or Syria and show us first hand how to overcome these Neanderthals with Peace and Love. They are just two silly irresponsible out of touch idiots.

    • Diri La Veron

      17 April 2015 • 21:54

      Graham, you are a racist bigot. Gutless. An idiot. You are contributing to the false Islamophobia which is killing millions of innocent people. YOU are a “misguided moron”.
      …and gutless, gutless, gutless. Because you know who the REAL terrorists are and you can’t say, can you?
      Your pathetic ego is clear for real people to see.
      There is only one ‘state” in the “East” run by Satan. You know.


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