Don’t mention the war!…

HITLER’S GERMANY: Responsible for the death of millions.

A UK newspaper reported that 91 per cent of Germans believe they were victims of Nazi tyranny

I CANNOT believe that a report published last week in a British newspaper didn’t cause an absolute furore of public indignation.
Instead it was somehow brushed aside and, as far as I could see, never saw the light of day again. Up to now, that is!
The piece was headlined. ‘Why Germans no longer believe they lost the War’. Intrigued? It gets worse. Apparently 91 per cent of Germans consider the end of the Second World War as their liberation from Nazi tyranny. They see themselves as victims. What pure, unadulterated, arrogant poppycock! In other words, the millions of German citizens, who took to the streets maniacally cheering Hitler and celebrating the fall of country after country under the jackboots of their evil armed forces, weren’t really happy at all!
They must think we all came over on the last banana boat. Let’s just get this absolutely straight. The German people were solely responsible for the Second World War (we won’t get into the first one). A war which killed, maimed and tortured millions of innocent human beings and resulted in the death and annihilation of millions of its own citizens. To infer that it was solely the fault of the Nazi Party, and that the German people were not to blame, is an affront to the millions of Holocaust victims and citizens of the world who died in the struggle to crush the evil spawned and voted into power by the German race.
Of course, there were large numbers of its citizens who disagreed with the policies of Hitler, but the majority sat back and did nothing. If we cannot learn from the mistakes of history, we are all lost. Hopefully, we the British have learned from our mistakes in the Middle East. Somehow I doubt it, but we are certainly not squealing that it was not our fault, and we were merely the victims of Herr Blair and his NLP.
How dare Germany endeavour to rewrite history in this way! If they really want to achieve some form of forgiveness and closure, a bit of apologising wouldn’t go amiss. Own up and be thankful that their country is once again a free and thriving society. The rest of the world has all but forgiven Germany’s past misdeeds, but be assured it will never forget.
Show a little backbone. Admit you were totally in the wrong and move on. It takes courage to say sorry. Are you listening, Ms Merkel? What a shame that on your recent visit to Dachau you didn’t take the opportunity to apologise on behalf of the whole German race, instead of laying the blame on ‘The Nazi Party’, thereby refuelling the delusion of the 91 per cent.

Keep the faith,
Love Leapy

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    • Roy Leon

      08 May 2015 • 07:47

      Hiya Leapy,
      I just wonder what age group were questioned about the last war? Moreover WHO asked the questions? And what question exactly did they ask.
      Most of the German people involved in WWII are long gone. Those that survived to be questioned, are our age Leapy and have little if any recollection of the war, other than what we have read, or seen in movies and documentaries. Most of the happy, industrious German people will be far too young to have any experience of Nazi opression. So we cannot expect the sons to be responsible for the sins of the fathers. Biased comments permitted by editors are just trying to sell newspapers to the gulible. They should be treated with contempt or at best ignored, as you would ignore a tout selling sunglasses and handbags whilst enjoying a nice meal with friends in a nice Spanish restaurant.
      I try to keep the rantings of all aspects of the media in perspective with their need to sell their product.
      Yours faithfully

    • Susan McCall

      10 May 2015 • 07:55

      Well said,Leo. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    • david

      10 May 2015 • 08:17

      While I agree with Leo, I have spent 20 years of my life soldiering in Germany and there are parts of Leapy’s article which must not be forgotten. A large part of the population of an advanced, industrialised country, the home of many great philosophers, artists, scientists and others contributing to our world followed with little or no protest a half-crazed Austrian dictator. By the time they realised what they had done it was too late.
      I agree that the average German soldier was just there because he had no option, and few ordinary Wehrmacht soldiers were involved in organised war-crimes. As a professional soldier, I would also say that they were excellent, and gave us a damned good run for our money whenever we met on equal terms.

    • DW Grace

      28 May 2015 • 07:44

      I must say, I find it incredible with 91 per cent of the German people having absolutely nothing to do with the last war whatsoever, that with only 9 per cent of the remaining population left to fight, they almost managed to defeat the rest of the world put together. I’m very impressed, I can tell you.
      They must be the master race after all.
      I can’t help but wonder though, had they actually won WW2, what percentage of the poor old German people do you think would now be claiming credit for the victory.

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