Irish get it right on gay marriage

RESOUNDING VICTORY: 62.06 per cent voted in favour.

I FOR one was delighted by the Irish vote to sanction gay marriage. Having married two Irish ladies, I have been deeply involved with Irish traditions since falling in love with the colleen, who later became my first wife, when I was just 15.
My first visit to the ‘auld country’ was back in 1955. At that time, any suggestion of gay marriage would have resulted in deportation or an escort to the local lunatic asylum. Catholicism ruled the country in a grip of steel.
No one missed Mass on a Sunday morning or, in some areas, on any other morning. The priests were all powerful and virtually untouchable. Of course, we now know that the fact that they were unable to marry didn’t disturb many of them at all. The priesthood attracted gay men in droves. Unfortunately, it also attracted paedophiles and we all know the later scandals and revelations that emerged with the widespread child abuse practices, which ultimately brought an apology from the Pope himself.
The local populace were shaken to the core and indeed disbelieving, when all this scandal came to light, but in true Irish tradition have soldiered on and, despite of (or perhaps because of) their deep religious beliefs, have now accepted their gay community as complete equals in every respect. Well, all power to ye and may your minds continue to be as broad as your very capable shoulders.
Despite all this, however, I must confess I still find myself a little uncomfortable with same-sex couples having children. I know, I know, what sort of hypocrisy is that? It’s just that I have experienced a number of gay friends who have brought up children. Irrespective of the love they have undoubtedly felt for their offspring, because of the sheer nature of the situation, many of the children have become confused, attempted suicide or turned to drugs. I’m just not sure same-sex parents give children the strongest of starts in life. I’d be interested in your views, but please don’t hit me with the children of gay millionaires, I’m talking about the ordinary family who live down the street. Those who don’t have the opportunity to substitute Mum and Dad with a life of privilege. I await the slings and arrows.
Keep the faith,
Love Leapy,
[email protected]

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    • Roy Peters

      28 May 2015 • 16:03

      For the first time I do NOT agree with you Leapy. I am afraid that the legalization of homosexual (I refuse to use the word ‘Gay’) marriage is yet another step down the road to humans ending up with no morals whatsoever. The human race is sinking ever deeper into the pit of iniquity that will one day consume us all.

      As far as homosexuals adopting children is concerned, I believe that is the biggest mistake of all. No child will be able to grow up normally living with two men as parents. As you say, when they are old enough to understand, and are at school with children who have normal parents they may very well become confused. No-one can say what the psychological affects on such children will be. This is one huge experiment that could damage many many children for the rest of their lives. We will most certainly find out when the currently adopted children are in their teens.

    • Roy Leon

      31 May 2015 • 11:21

      Of course Leviticus had a lot to say about all this… he had a lot to say about everything…!
      “If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.”
      I can’t find any mention by Leviticus, of ladies who love each other. Perhaps I haven’t read it all thoroughly enough. I do wonder what gave Leviticus the right to condemn people to death for so many reasons. Did he have a direct line to God.? If so he could have asked God,why did He, the creator of everything, make people who loved each other.? Surely He is the root cause of all evil. Love is nothing in comparison to the killing He induced into thousands of people. Even his own supporters. Sunnis slaughter Shi’ites and vice versa, Catholics v Protestants, Peaceful Buddists v Muslims. Muslims v Jews. It can be seen that God loves to witness the confusion and violence of his finest creation. Which we all recall was in his own image.!
      Somebody, help us please because God lost interest in us a long time ago. Is it possible that common sense will eventually prevail?, as it did in Ireland. Look out Russia! You might be next.
      I fear the Middle East is a lost cause for many more generations.


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