Our world is ruled by corruption

I CAN’T understand why people seemed so shocked at the latest FIFA scandal.
The whole of our planet is ruled by corruption. Most of us can be bought if the price is right. It’s a bit like the old chestnut, where the woman is asked if she would go to bed with someone for a tenner. “A measly tenner,” she replies. “What do you think I am?” “We’ve already established what you are,” comes the answer. “We’re just haggling about the price!”
The world is run by money. We see examples of it every day of our lives. The murdering Pistorius, who has been let out after just 10 months of his sentence. Do you honestly think he would have been released this early if he’d been a pauper from Soweto?
In my opinion, Blair and Bush only entered their murderous liaison because the spoils of their efforts could have been so lucrative. The Saudis, with their infinite riches, are able to instigate infringements of just about every human right imaginable.
If individuals have so much money they can affect the economy of whole countries and get away with just about anything. Subsequently, is it not also feasible that if a number of the mega-rich were to withdraw their deposits from specific banks throughout the world, they could trigger a chain reaction that could make the last recession look like an unexpected run on a kiddie’s piggy bank? Of course they could.
These are the people who run our planet. Not the politicians, not the elected governments, not the presidents. It is the faceless, nameless, relatively small number of multi-trillionaires, who meet in clandestine locations and move their fortunes from place to place, merely to satisfy their own cravings for power.
Individuals that welcome wars and unrest, providing it doesn’t enter their own particular backyard. Ironically, of course, it is the Jews and Arabs that are the biggest investors in the world money markets.
Odd, is it not, that enemies who have existed since biblical times, now basically share complete power over the future stability of the planet?
Keep the faith,
Love Leapy, [email protected] www.leapylee.co.uk

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    • Roy Leon

      23 June 2015 • 07:49

      Every year some 60 Billion Dollars are spent on foreign aid. Boy is that a lucrative business for some….
      I suspect you have been reading Graham Hancock’s book…”Lords of Poverty.” If not you should.!
      Or better still the book he wrote in conjunction with his friend Robert Bauval.. “The Master Game”. Another must.!
      Knowing what goes on doesn’t really help because we are helpless against such power.
      Just a pawn.


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