Can they complain about garage?

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Q. Some time ago we took our car to the official main dealer garage because our local mechanic could not fix it.
To cut a long story short, they seriously misdiagnosed the problem and charged us nearly €2,000. They then asked for a further €1,400 but admitted the problem still existed.
We then had the car taken away. Finally the car is repaired. It seems the car’s own computer was faulty. We feel let down and angry about the garage service.
What can we do to seek recompense? We have copies of the various documents.

A.S. (Costa del Sol)

A. The simplest way to complain is to go to your nearest Spanish consumer office.
This is the OMIC, the ‘Oficina Municipal de Información al Consumidor.’ If you have obtained a copy of the official complaint form, the ‘Hoja de Reclamaciones,’ at the garage, the OMIC staff will help you to filll it in.
If not, the OMIC should have a form for you to use. Quite often, the simple presentation of this form will lead to an offer from the garage to settle.
If not, you will need to follow up through the OMIC.

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