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SMALL COUNTRY: So why does the US spend more on armaments?

I WASN’T born when, in 1939, under pressure from the English and American war lobby, the world edged ever closer to war. However, I am well informed enough to realise that we are now experiencing action replay.
Germany, and now Russia, was goaded by war lobby interests. In the first case, Polish anti-German rhetoric was encouraged. Today, Ukraine is used to prod the Russian bear. Change the Sudetenland or Danzig Corridor for Crimea; you have pretext for war.
The well-orchestrated mainstream media vilified the then Reich. Today; Hitler has been replaced by Putler. Economic warfare is dusted off and renamed sanctions.
Prime Minister Chamberlain was reluctant to engage in yet another war. Joe Kennedy Sr, ambassador to Britain, conceded that US President Roosevelt had repeatedly told him to ‘press a hot iron to Chamberlain’s backside.’
Fast forward 76 years: the US war lobby bolsters Ukraine’s decrepit and reluctant armed forces. Simultaneously, the US press hot irons to the backsides of their EU marionettes to ramp up economic war against Russia.
The US economy is reliant on perpetual war. A small country, place the US on Africa and it would barely cover Mediterranean Saharan North Africa. No one threatens the US or Europe. Why then does the US spend more on armaments than China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, UK, Japan and South Korea combined?
A clue: just 1 per cent of America’s population are millionaires, yet 50 per cent of congressmen are multi-millionaires. Might it not be an idea to force politicians to wear badges of the companies that sponsor them?
Another clue: Dick Cheney, university failure was more fortunate as an arms dealer. Using neo-conservative political clout and taxpayers’ money his companies made $39,500 million out of the Iraq War. This is a drop in the ocean compared to the $75 billion war-related US corporations. These profits are again a pittance when set against those made by the armaments industries. Are you a shareholder? You can stake your lives on it.

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    • Pedro Cruz

      18 August 2015 • 07:44

      Why is it the vast majority of the public don’t see what’s going on and accept the version of events the the Daily Mail type media gives as being the truth? The Russian’s are not our enemies, but big business is.

    • Ian terry

      21 August 2015 • 10:42


      Don’t be so naive.

      What makes you think Russia is no longer a threat
      They were certainly a threat to the Chechnyans.

      .I was in Georgia near Gori when they invaded Russiians invade.there.

      Same pattern in Crimea annd East Ukraine.
      Precisly what evidence do you have to make you believe big business is the enemy.

      What is youre exact definiition of big business?
      How do you think Abramovitch made his Billions? How do you think Putin is amassing a huge fortune?


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